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  1. Looking for ignition starter switch. I just need the electrical part but will take the lock tumbler part too if you don't want to separate
  2. I have traced my intermittent starting problems to this switch. But new ones are now $250 (just the electrical part). Has anyone tried taking these apart and cleaning/fixing them?
  3. price drop to $150. This is a pretty nice piece with very minor cracking. Happy to ship, box size will be approx 55" x 10" x 10", 5lbs, if you want to get an estimate from 98103. Local pick up in Seattle preferred.
  4. price drop on top section--now $175.
  5. bottom section and clock sold. Top section and binnacle still available.
  6. dash still available, will separate, willing to ship, clock sold.
  7. Top section of a three piece dash. Has very minor cracking around passenger side defrost duct, hole for clock cut out. It may also be missing a few fasteners. Local pick up in Seattle, or I can ship at cost. Bottom section and instrument surround shown in photos have been sold.
  8. Hi James, I'm hoping to come to the 020202 event, agreed that fog is the main problem around here in winter.
  9. I used the stock switch (activated by pulling out the fan knob), but plan eventually to use the timer that came with the Frost Fighter kit with an E21 push button switch in the green dummy switch location on the console.
  10. I used the Frost Fighter stick-on grid, but I cut it up and stuck each line directly over the original grid (after first scraping away what was left of the copper). I ordered the Frost Fighter in the same width and number of strips as the original grid. It looks stock and has worked great for Seattle conditions for 4 years now. https://www.frostfighter.com/clear-view-defrosters-legacy.htm?gclid=CjwKCAiAyfvhBRBsEiwAe2t_i9klgJL-NSEtqAnPeIkc6InR9OcE70_KmolIGTaaCrkpQ3IBUyg2yBoCm5oQAvD_BwE
  11. plape


    12 year rolling restoration. Was painted white when I bought it in 2007. Bare metal repaint in original Riviera and full mechanical and cosmetic restoration. Mostly stock except 5 speed, LSD, Recaros from an E21. From BMW archives: "The BMW 2002 US VIN 2577101 was manufactured on August 23rd, 1971 and delivered on August 25th, 1971 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Riviera, paint code 036.”
  12. I had the exact same problem with a re-manufactured box. It will not get unsticky. Return to sender and try another one.
  13. I have been fighting this same oil leak problem. This past winter I took off the upper cover, but tore the head gasket in the process. So...I decided to replace the head gasket. I brought the head and cover in the machinist to check and they machined both to same size. Put it all together, new gaskets, dab of RTV in the corners and....same exact leak. Arggh. So, I'm following this with interest and would love any advice. The leak is tiny, but leaves a mess running down the block and makes oil stink fumes and I'd really like to eliminate it.
  14. "Brake Booster Hose Connector",Rogerstii has them for about $20, sku #34331103261 There's also a rubber washer in there that does not come with the new part, but you need a good vacuum seal here, I used an o-ring and it works fine.

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