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  1. True Story FWIW, many, many years ago (late 80s), I traveled to Korman's old shop located off US Highway 29 in Greensboro. It was an assortment of buildings, perhaps two or three, that he had grown into over the years. I purchased a set of sway bars for my '73 Bavaria. As I was preparing to put them on the car, I saw that there was a Korman sticker in the center of the bar. But you could also see another, larger sticker under the first. Of course I peeled it off to reveal . . . a Suspension Techniques sticker! But when you think about it, it makes sense that the smaller players outsource certain items from the larger ones who specialize in their market. But usually, traces of the original source are removed. Anyway, still have the Bavaria with the sway bars on them tucked in the shed. It's been to one Vintage (where Scott Sturdy gave it the Patina Award) and maybe it will make next year's. Don't remember if I left any stickers on the bars though . . . .
  2. 7. Insulation sheet: You want what came from the factory? After 3 tries through a dealer and they were all incorrect, I got one from Maximillian. Good luck with your new car.
  3. malaga


    Makes a case for all of the Agreed Value/Stated Value collector car insurance we see discussed from time to time.
  4. That's exactly a Bavaria cluster. Now if I could have that steering wheel for mine. Ou La La.
  5. Of course, everything's a problem in California.
  6. This thread should be required reading for any new 2002 owner because its ALL right.
  7. Well done! And I kick myself for not picking up a copy at The Vintage.
  8. NAPA currently has a Gearwrench set of FLEXhead ratcheting wrenches on sale for $ 29.99 during June. The metric set part number is 9900 and comes with 7 pieces.
  9. I found one of the prints last night at Ross. They are $ 12.99 and measure 27.5" by 19.5". Thanks to the OP for the heads up.
  10. Well, since you have offered twice, we should take you up on it. Pictures please.
  11. mlytle - You are correct. According to real oem, the March 1966 to April 1971 cars had 46 liter tanks, the late cars 50 liter tanks and the Turbos had 70 liter tanks. Of course the first two seem to be available but the Turbo tank is not.
  12. malaga


    Congrats. The time spent now is made up in spades when you go to sell. And now, since this is an alledged "barn find", it's time to show off your purchase. Or have you elsewhere on the site? BTW, welcome.
  13. ^ The above car has moved on. It was a sedan, not a coupe anyway. Bobby bought two cars from the same guy off of eBay. I went to just outside Orlando to pick them up. The owner drove a 700 in high school, he told me (how cool is that!) and that's why he kept these for many, many years. My brother and I dug both cars out of a garage behind his house and loaded them on a regular car trailer for the ride back to North Georgia. Many crazy looks came my way on the Interstate. Bobby sold the cars to an individual in Atlanta who kept them for a short time and sold them again on eBay. No idea where the cars ended up.
  14. And no one has mentioned that the sign, and therefore the cars, is upside down. My rally leader was a Z car so definitely not my group. But I did pass the Healey on Interstate 77 that Saturday morning of the drive and the show. We both waved.
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