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  1. I am wrapping up the interior work on my 1976 2002 with a sunroof, and need to put a headliner in it. the car came without one, and i was wondering if anyone has a pattern for this car (i.e. an old one that came out of a car)? i am located in southern VA, and i will ship it back if you once i pattern out my material. thanks in advance for any help. sam
  2. CornDog

    Gas pedal mount

    i have an entire standard/manual pedal box in VA. email me at smutburglar at yahoo.com
  3. any stainless trim? how about tail lights?
  4. Thanks for the info...I asked a similar question months ago; however, I was not as fortunate to reply to myself. I'll have to fab one up in the next week or so and I'll let you know.
  5. twisted the rear view mirror to get it out and replace headliner...now can't get it back in. I'm afraid to use a hammer on the thin metal, but is this gentle persuasion needed?
  6. The outside diameter is different on the roller from one edge to the other. Judgeing by your response, the smaller OD would be toward the outside fender. I know this is confusing, but I'm trying to describe it the best I can. Thanks.
  7. The rollers I have are beveled -- on side is slightly smaller in diameter than the other side. Is the larger diameter of the roller facing toward the engine compartment or the outside fender?
  8. What length stud do I need to install for 13" BBS Basketweaves? the previous owner had installed the wheels, but as I am doing a rear brake rehab (previous owner had brake struts in backward and rear brakes didn't brake) I realized that the stock studs only allow the BBS lug nuts to go on 3 maybe 4 revolutions or less than 1/2" of stud. Scarey stuff.
  9. Does anyone have an easy way (or any way for that matter) to put the bottom retaining spring in behind the "anchor plate"? I have fought and fought and feel that it is a losing battle...do I need a special tool, technique, both, or am I just in need of some serious coaching? You be the judge. thanks, Sam btw it is a 1976 2002 with factory drums
  10. ok I have it figured out except how the park works. You are correct that brown is the ground. just wondering if anyone can explain how the motor parks itself. the 2 wires I have yet to figure out are the Brown/red stripe and black. I think these have to operate the park, but how?
  11. What is the function of each wire on the 5 wire motor in a 1976 2002? the colors are as follows: Black Black w/ white stripe Black w/ yellow stripe Brown w/ red stripe Brown
  12. Anybody have a source for this plug or a suggested application that works?
  13. I used ez wire also and thought that the tech support was great, and the quality of wiring did not match the low price. Harbor freight sells spools of wire for really cheap. just watch the monthly flyer for sale items.
  14. Wanna sell the rocker trim? I also need the trim across the back under the license plate. Let me know.
  15. Blunt, what are those side ones made out of? PLy? theu look contoured. I really like how clean your trunk is. Nice presentation. My 2002 is not stock in anyway either, so I wanted some ideas of how to protect the quarters from internal dings from hauling groceries, etc.
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