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  1. I saw this one at Cars and Coffee in Great Falls a few weeks back. Seller provides detailed photos, an honest description of it as a project with considerable needs. Caveat emptor.
  2. You can have my E21 turbines for the cost of shipping from 20774. The tires are mostly dry rotted but may work as rollers. These are fair to good, not concours.
  3. Looks like the paint on my '76 malaga! How close to DC will you be in VA?
  4. Been one on DC CL for $500 for a while. Been one on Wash DC CL for $500 for a while.
  5. There was one Miata there, too. Interloper!
  6. Great host and hostess along with a LOT of great guys with great cars! This made for a great day! Thanks, Marc!
  7. Rumor has it Rob Siegel will have this one on a trailer by the time you read this post... http://bringatrailer.com/2013/10/23/bat-exclusive-needy-1972-bmw-2002tii-sunroof/#comment-533271
  8. Great car, great price. In this market, the way 02 prices are skyrocketing, this is a steal. Thought I remembered Rotas on this one, but I'm getting old. GLWS
  9. Blasphemers, both of us; we are on the same page.
  10. When I work in our Germantown office, I see this car. It's been there, in the same spot, for YEARS!
  11. Spotted on BaT with a CL link, Federalized NM/NA http://bringatrailer.com/2013/03/12/euro-spec-1994-bmw-525ix-5-speed-wagon/ Here's the CL text: I have a one of 9000 produced, grey market 525ix E34 wagon with a rare 5 speed gear box. This wagon was imported by the prior owner into Alaska from Germany, and I have moved down here bringing it with me. It has about 160K miles, is dark blue (orientblau), and in very good shape. Options include dual climate control, AWD with center differential (similar to 325ix), 2.5 litre motor with 190 HP, 'smiley face' HID lights, tan leather interior, euro spec 'stinger' ball hitch, factory Pro tape deck, M style lit shift knob, heated seats, good glass, no troublesome sunroofs, new blower motor and hood/tailgate struts. No rust, clean exterior, no rips in the seats. The clutch is good. The new owner will get a few spare parts as well. Recent oil and filter change. It has current Alaska tags and registration. I have all the paperwork from the 'federalizing' agent on the east coast, including the original Bill of Sale from Germany. There should be no problem registering in Oregon. Parts are readily available from several BMW specialists, as well as from the dealer.
  12. bugtustlebub (Randy) is in the Shenandoah Valley area (near Harrisonburg) which has an active 02 contingent. My Weim hails from Christiansburg but, he no longer drives after that last incident.
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