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  1. Mike, I do not have the plastic inserts that go into the rubber hangers. I do have the bracket that attaches to the rear of the tranny. haven't checked if it has the rubber mounts. Thanks for the tips. This gives me something to start with. Matt
  2. Yes, They are new. I guess I should check them out again and see if they need tightening. There definitely is a lot of movement in the exhaust in where the rear muffler is. I did check the exhaust toward the the front. All looks good. Did anyone fab up a bracket for this? Did it work?
  3. Good evening, I just purchased a 1976 2002 and I am having issues with Ansa sport muffler. The muffler is violently banging into the spare tire well at certain rpm's. I know that the muffler is the BW 0227 rear center exit...which is not a perfect fit for my car. They don't make the BW 0267 anymore. What did you guys do to prevent the muffler from banging into the spare tire well? Thanks! Matt
  4. Good evening, Just got into the game....any one know of a philadelphia area mechanic that is familiar with 02"s? Thanks! Matt
  5. Car is running! Thanks for all the help. Bottom line is the points were broken. I replaced the points but the reason why it didn't run was because the engine was flooded. I took the spark plugs out and let the gasoline evaporate over night. It started up the next day:) Thanks:) Matt
  6. Ok, found that the points were broken. Installed a new one but the car is still not turning over. I think its flooded from me trying to start it too much. I am going to let it sit over night and hope the gas evaporates. I will try to start it tomorrow after work. Hope it turns over. Matt
  7. Thanks for the help...I will check the ohms again and I will reset the points as well. I will bring a spare battery as well
  8. I tested the existing coil and got 1.5 ohms of resistance...I also have new coil but the car still would not start with the new coil. It is getting fuel. We tested the voltage at the coil and it is only 6 volts...it should be 12 correct? Any other ideas..fuses are good as well. thanks Matt
  9. It is a 1976 and it currently has the red bosch coil. We check for spark form the coil but we didn't get any...the "hot" wire going to the coil was warm to the touch. I will check/change the points. I will also look into the fuel issue. Thansk Matt
  10. Yes, I am still running points. What do you think it is?
  11. So i started finally driving my car for the first time in the 3 years I have owned it...needless to say it broke down the other day. It is currently sitting on the side of the road. I believe it is not getting any spark. I think it is the ignition coil. I was told by a local parts guy that this is the part that I need. Here is the part number Bosch part number is...00010 BMW part number is....12131357294 I searched and it is the bosch black coil. Is this correct for my 1976 2002? I found information saying it was for a e21 320i. If it is not correct what coil should I purchase? I believe i need one with an internal ballast resistor correct? I am also upgrading to hotspark in the future. I think that will make a difference on what coil to buy. Thanks Matt
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