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  1. Looking for a roundie again, so that 71 sounds good, I'll check it out Jim. Yes, the M5 is mine and thanks. She runs hard, wish I could stuff that motor into a 02...anyone try that?
  2. Hi everyone, Some friends and I just launched a site that allows car buffs like us to create a portfolio page of the cars we built/own/in progress etc., regardless of make/model. Here is my page, including my M20 02 that sold on eBay for $32k. https://www.3rdrevolution.com/teamasr Check it out, be one of the first to sign up for the Beta...its FREE. Sign up here too: https://www.3rdrevolution.com/join/profile/banner BTW...badly want another 02, clean with no rust. LMK if you have something.
  3. Someone asked about the weight up front, well, I'll answer that this way, the car has been at a few autocross events with the Porsche club and was running times equal to new Caymans. She is pretty well balanced for an old car. As for price, I'll never get what was put into it, but from where the price is now, reserve is almost met. Hate to see her go but looking forward to my 12 sec M5.
  4. Have received a few emails asking why I am selling her. Well, the story is, that it is not for lack of quality or workmanship. As a matter of fact, the reason why I am selling her is because I just bought another car (E28 M5 with S54 6 speed) from the guy that built this car in Omaha. I will buy/build another 02, but just need the space for now.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200781988075#ht_49811wt_1172 BODY SHELL: -Rear Shock Towers/Inner Fender Wells Replaced (L & R) -Lower/Outer A-Columns Replaced (L & R) -New fabricated A-Column Fender Mount Brackets (Stainless Steel) -Front Fenders Replaced (L &R) -Repaint (Polaris) -New Trim Attachment Brackets/Grommets -Used Rocker Trim to Body Seal -POR-15 Inner Bumpers -New Door Brakes -New Front Windshield Glass, Seal and Lock-Strip -New Rear Window Seal and Lock-Strip -Ireland Engineering ABS Front Spoiler (Zender Style) BRAKES: -Front Big Brake Kit – Early 320 Hubs and Rotors, Wilwood Calipers -Rear Big Brake Kit – 320 Drums -New Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Front and Rear) -New Parking Brake Cables -New BMW 320 Brake Master Cylinder (with new lines to reservoir) -Brake Booster, Stripped and Repainted -New Brake Booster Hose and Check Valve -Pulled Pedal Box-Stripped and POR 15’d, New Bushings and Springs DRIVETRAIN/AXLES/SUSPENSION: -New Front and Rear Wheel Bearings/Seals -Overhauled All CV Joints/Half Shafts (Cleaned, Painted, Grease, Boots) -Used Front Control Arms -Used TII Boxed Rear Trailing Arms -New Front TII Strut Tubes -All suspension components Front and Rear (Control and Swing Arms, Strut Tubes, etc) were stripped, Por-15’d, and Painted with POR-15 Chassis Black Paint. -New Front and Rear Polyurethane Bushings (All Suspension and Idler Arm) -New Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Center Track Rod -Rear Subframe-Stripped and painted with POR 15. -New Rear Subframe bushings with poly bushing inserts. -New Bilstein HD Shocks and Struts -New Ground Control coil over springs front and New Rubber Spring Pads with Suspension Techniques springs in rear. -Ground Control front adjustable camber plates -New Ireland Engineering Sway Bars (22mm Front, 19mm Rear) -New Front Upper Strut Bearings and Covers -2002 Haus M20 Front Shock Tower Brace -New WORK Equip 3 piece forged 15x7.5 wheels with Toyo Proxes 195/50/15 tires all around. Wheels are super light and super strong in like NEW condition. -5 Speed Conversion: -1982 323 O/D 5 Speed Transmission –90K Miles (New Seals and Reverse Switch) -2002 Haus Shift Tower and Shortened Reconditioned Driveline -Flywheel Resurfaced (228mm Flywheel) -New Clutch & Pressure Plate (228mm), T/O Bearing, Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders, Pilot Bearing, Rear Main Seal and Flywheel Bolts (325 Clutch and PP, 323 TOB) -3.64 Limited Slip Differential 25% Lock-up (Utilized ¼ inch spacers)-Unique 8mm drive flange from a 78 320 did not require redrilling for use of 02 CV Joints. ENGINE COMPARTMENT: -1989 325i engine ( Approx. 68K Miles) -New timing belt/Tensioner -New Water Pump -New Gasket Set (headgasket, front and rear main, etc.) -Motronic ECU with Performance chip -New 2002 Haus M20 Conversion Mounts (5 series subframe mounts) -New Ansa header and Down Pipe -Dynomax Center Resonator, Dynomax Ultraflo Muffler, Borla Tip (High Temp Paint) -325 Exhaust Gasket (w/heat shield) , New Exhaust Studs and Copper Nuts, New Downpipe Trans Hanger. -323 Radiator -New Water Hoses, Thermostat, and Fan Belt -Removed Engine Fan and Installed Permacool 12” Electric Fan Part #19008 Wired to 91 degree thermal switch from 1982 BMW 320 to water jacket fitting in thermostat housing -New Rubber Drain Tubes at Firewall -Used Gas Tank – Stripped Painted and Sealed w/POR 15 Tank Sealer (Correct for 69 Model), 3M Strip Caulk Seal to Floor -New 1991 318is fuel pump -New E30 Fuel Filter -New Fuel Line from tank to engine compartment (5/16th” aluminum), New Rubber Fuel Lines -New Spark Plugs -New Spark Plug Wires and Loom from Maximillian -New E30 Coil -New Oil Pressure Sensor -New Coolant Temp Sensor -New Starter E30 -New Engine Sticker Set -New Firewall Blanket/Insullation -New hood liner/insulation ELECTRICAL: -Sorted Under-Hood Wiring and Routing, Rewrapped Harness, Cleaned Grounds and New Wiring Stays. -Installed 6 Relays and Aux Fuse Box for wiring upgrade. (Behind and on side of glove box -Installed H4 Headlights 80/100W (New wires and h4 plug, relayed and fused) -New 80 AMP Alternator -Internally. Regulated from 325 -Installed and rewired new Hella horns. -Replaced Wiper Relay with Solid State Elec. as original is NLA -New front Euro turn signals -New Headlight Rear Covers -Refurb of Gauge cluster-Used Speedometer, bulbs, repaint -Installed Auxillary VDO gauges in a BMP cluster (water temp, oil pressure, volt) -Battery Relocation to Trunk – TEP Brace, Battery Cut-Off Switch (behind driver seat under back seat), E30 Battery cable and junction box and Auxillary Junction/Fuse Box -Installed Hella 160 Driving Lights (Hella switch is on steering column in place of manual choke knob) INTERIOR: -Used 323 Alpina 4 Spoke Steering Wheel (Top column pad swapped w/ 74 for better fit/finish) -Seams Perfect: (Blue/Black Color Combination) -E21 Recaros -Matching Rear Seat Cover -Door and Rear Side Panels -Headliner -Blue Carpet -Sun visors - NOS -BMW 325 Rear View Mirror with Map lights -Seat Belts – 1969 Spaghetti Belts in rear with shoulder retractable belts in front -Pulled and Refurbed Heater Box, Replaced Heater Valve -Stripped Original Sound-Deading Material from Interior, POR 15 Painted the Entire Interior Floor/Footwell/R. Bulkhead and Installed FatMat Sound Deading -5 channel Hifonics Amplifier with (4) 5.25 inch speakers and two 8 inch mid subs -Alpine head unit with CD/MP3 player with iPod and iPhone connector.
  6. I don't have the original unit in my car so I guess solution for me is to: 1) get alum. bottle 2) holes on each end 3) fill with charcoal 4) in one end from gas tank out other end to outside of car.
  7. If you run the vent line from the tank to the canister, through the charcoal with the other end open (no vacuum) will the gases be able to pass through the charcoal and make it out the other end? I thought you needed the vacuum of the engine to suck the gas through the charcoal? So I guess my setup should be like a e30?
  8. Would this work the same way if going to a M20? i.e. the vent line from the tank goes to the canister and the other end goes to any vacuum line in the intake? Need any check valves?
  9. Here is a set of front seat race harness seat belts with M logo's. New condition. Comes with 4 hooks and front and rear straps to tie the belts into existing belt mount points. $75.
  10. Set of front, over shoulder front seat belts out of 69 02. $50
  11. Eibach springs for sale in great, like new shape. No rust or chipping. Springs cut as follows: Front: 1 coil from progressive end, .20 coil from non progressive Rear: 1.1 coil Car sits as you can see in the photo. I had to switch to coilovers to clear the fenders with my 7.5 inch wheels. Sold in set, front and rear. $75 bucks.
  12. Fixed camber plates in great shape. Had to go to coilovers to clear the 7.5 inch wheels. $50 bucks.
  13. Struts are standard length. Cris, I will see if I can make it out. Are you guys meeting in the Dublin area again to drive over in a group?
  14. In case someone reads this later, for reference, I went with the 225 lbs 8 inch springs. That combined with HD struts and the ride is just PERFECT! Completely steetable.
  15. this is a good pic. see the difference at the top between what i assume is a rabbit insert and standard.
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