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  1. Free76

    GM TBI conversion

    Reviving an older thread here. But I've been contemplating the TBI swap myself and have some questions: What are you planning on triggering it with? Based on my research a VR (magnetic) distributor will work with the stock ECU. Is there one that drops in to the M10? Do you have the throttle body part number? Does it not need a hole in the adapter for the IAC port? Thanks Mike
  2. They all look low but #4 indicates a problem. Was the engine warm and did you have the throttle pinned wide open?
  3. Free76

    Free 76

    Some pics of the 76 2002 I picked up from a friend for free. Pretty rough but it was complete. Teardown and customization has commenced
  4. Like Cyclone101 I got my 76 2002 free but in a bad state. But hey, I'm learning how to do body work.
  5. I'm planning on popping in. Mike
  6. I'm a long time Sac lurker. I was wondering what happened to those breakfast meetings too. My '76 has a long way to go before it's back on the road.
  7. The push rod doesn't secure the pump to the head. That is done by two studs that go in the outer holes where the pump mounts. The noted washers and nyloc nuts screw onto the stud and hold the pump in position. The push rod just actuates the pump, kind of like a trigger on a water pistol.
  8. Sounds fishy to me. I agree with the alt + battery thought. Try turning the engine over by hand (i.e. breaker bar and socket) and see how it feels.
  9. Free76


    Hang on to the stuff you pull off. Poor guys like me with a '76 may need them.
  10. Free76

    Black Widows infesting my 02!

    I've had good luck with the Hot Shot Spider Killer. Need to get a fairly direct shot at the buggers though. Killed 8 in the first two months when I first moved in to my newly built house.
  11. I always get my gear from
  12. I always get my gear from
  13. Free76

    paint scheme

    I'd also like to see pictures of the British Racing Green. I'm planning on painting my car that color too. Do you remember the Mazda paint code you used (HU or A3V)?
  14. Free76

    Painting Your Own Car

    No cars but 1 motorcycle. Indeed prep work is key and very time consuming. You might want to pick up the Paintucation DVD series by Kevin Tetz. I found it very informative. You might want to consider using a waterbased paint like Auto Air Colors as from what I've read, the urethane stuff is pretty toxic.