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  1. Decals are now ready for shipping. For those who have already ordered I will be sending your items tomorrow along with instructions via Email. Those who are interested: 1) Instructions attached + picture of actual decal 2) PayPal.me link: https://www.paypal.me/MoFaraz $22 for (1) decal $42 for (2) decals $62 for (3) decals $82 for (4) decals $102 for (5) decals etc..... 3) Webstore link: https://mofaraz.com/Bosch-Tii 4) Ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174290000257 I am also happy to discuss questions with anyone here on the board. Thanks again for helping these get made and I look forward to seeing restored relays. Mo
  2. Thanks John, I will be updating soon with all the important information. Appreciate your interest and support. -Mo
  3. Thanks Tom, I am happy to say these will be arriving earlier than expected so pictures and information forthcoming. Regarding emissions stickers -- I will have to take a close look to see if making them is possible. Of course it is great to connect with owners who enjoy getting the details restored correctly so thanks for your contact -- Will be in touch. -Mo
  4. Hi Jason, Price is $20/set + $2 shipping or $22 total. Multiple orders only pay shipping once so: $42 for (2) decals $62 for (3) decals $82 for (4) decals etc..... I will send buyers payment confirmation along with estimated shipping date. My PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/mofaraz Thanks again for your interest and feel free to ask questions. -Mo
  5. An update for those who have pre-paid. I have sent in the file today and the decals should arrive by the end of next week. Those who are interested in pre-ordering now is a good time to contact me and anyone else can tune in here for updates. I will not be posting much until the decals arrive except to answer questions (or via PM) and I will be putting an instruction guide together to make installation as easy as possible. Feel free to post or PM me and I will get back to you. Thanks again, Mo
  6. Thank you all for presenting interest. I am sending in the file tomorrow and should be ready to ship around 5/22. In the meantime anyone who wants to pre-pay can PM me (this helps me during shipping as I can send them all at once & is appreciated) I will also be updating this thread with pictures of actual decal, instructions, and any other relevant information as it comes up. Thanks all for posting. -Mo
  7. Great. Thanks -- will have updates soon. -Mo
  8. Thanks Steve, I am working out the details now and should have the file in this week. I expect to have them ready to shop around 5/22 with pictures, instructions, etc.... Thanks for your support, Mo
  9. Thanks Hen, I would of course be making them as original to the car as possible so made in Germany. I will also only me making PN 0 335 330 001 and no other part numbers. I believe there is a 003 and another. Type of decal and font exactly as pictured will be offered. Questions and discussion welcome. -Mo
  10. Hi Hen, I have actually matched the style exactly as original. I would post a file reference now but you can see from my other decals it will look just like original 100% true to that font style. 4 speed example decal -- My decal on left and original dash on right. -Mo
  11. Can someone also post exact measurements of the actual box? I will use this as reference but want to be as exact as possible. mm preferred but inches OK Thanks, Mo
  12. Posting an update here for those interested. Looks like I will be making these decal with P/N 0 335 330 001 only Also I know there are a few owners interested but I would like to drum up interest to see who is willing to buy a set? Price will be $20 + shipping. If I can get some pre-orders now that would also be great. I may also start a thread for Tii owners to post on and maybe we can get an example of the finished decal posted as well. Anyone wanting to contact me please feel free to do so. Thanks, Mo
  13. Sent you PM with payment + shipping information. Thanks, Mo
  14. I would also add removing the old graphic/paint can be achieved by letting DOT brake fluid sit on it for a while. A few passes and bristle brush would probably be the best option. Brake fluid is safe for vinyl which is why I recommend it....and of course clean the residue before installing the decal. Interesting notes in this thread -- but glad to read and share here. -Mo
  15. Still selling these + I also have stock 4-speed and 5-speed dogleg if you need one. Same price, just ask -- pictures below. Thanks, Mo
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