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  1. Yes -- see picture. I can PM you with payment & shipping details. Thanks for asking,
  2. Mike, I can get you a set of dash lettering decals -- check your PM..... Anyone else need a decal? -- Post a comment or message me as I should have all types still for sale. -Mo
  3. Still selling badges if anyone here is interested. PM or reply and I will get back to you. Thanks, Mo
  4. I still have instrument decal kits for sale as well as AC decals & shift decals. Any owner interested can respond or PM me for full details/pricing/etc.... Thanks for looking, Mo
  5. I have just (3) more American Apparel 2002 shirts in left in Large. Color is 'sand' and I am asking $20 each _+ shipping. Who wants one of the last ones? PM me or respond to buy one. I will send payment & shipping confirmation to buyers PayPal: mofaraz[email protected]
  6. They apply with a No.2 pencil -- see more attached pics as an example:
  7. Hi Rich, I have Dash lettering decals that fit all years. You can pick and choose which you need. $15/shipped PayPal: [email protected] I will confirm payment & shipping when ready (usually takes 5-7 days depending on your location) Let me know if you have questions, Mo
  8. Trying to sell my extra red badges. $35 each includes shipping inside 48 states. PayPal: [email protected] Your choice of Weltmeister, 50NA, or Tii (3.25" or 82mm made in Germany) I will confirm shipping and payment for buyer(s) Thanks, Mo
  9. 2x each decal (12 total) pictured $15 includes shipping. Who wants this? PayPal: [email protected] I will confirm shipping for buyer. Thanks, Mo
  10. Thank Guy, Shipping yours today
  11. I still have many badges in blue for sale. Choose from '50NA' / Weltmeister / Tii Price is $35ea and includes shipping + I will confirm transaction for the buyer(s) PayPal: [email protected] Thanks, Mo
  12. I must say that your references (Steve) are very helpful & undoubtedly appreciated by et. al --
  13. Thanks Chris, I know that for some owners the original stickers are important such as break-in (not sure what exists for 2002's) This can become available if owners want me to make them. -Mo
  14. Thanks for adding to the reference Chris. Can I PM you to check a few measurements? Not wanting to be intrusive as you have already been very helpful -Mo
  15. Very small picture ....Not sure if I will make such a decal unless it is an absolute must for owners. Looking forward to hearing feedback. Mo
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