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  1. Yes -- see picture. I can PM you with payment & shipping details. Thanks for asking,
  2. Mike, I can get you a set of dash lettering decals -- check your PM..... Anyone else need a decal? -- Post a comment or message me as I should have all types still for sale. -Mo
  3. mac



    per my post on the msg bd. 

    I'll take a set. 

    PayPal "on the way"





    1. mo02


      Hi Mac,


      Payment received, thanks.  I will send you tracking # tomorrow when your package is ready.



    2. mo02


      Hi Mac,


      Can you please send me mailing address?





  4. Sounds great I like your choice + reasoning-- well done! take care, -M
  5. Hi Jordan, You can use Castrol Super Clean (Walmart etc..) & it is fairly safe for the vinyl dash material. Modelers use it all the time to clean plastic parts. Brake fluid also works & should be safe for vinyl, mild alcohol would be my third choice. I would try either on an area that is not noticeable first. Best of luck, -Mo
  6. Anyone still want to buy one? PM me if you have questions. Thanks, Mo
  7. (2) 4 speed for sale (2) 5 speed CR for sale (4) 5 speed OD for sale. Payment instructions are in #1 thread. PM me if you have questions. Thanks, Mo
  8. These are the very last of green decals & still for sale. -Mo
  9. mo02

    BMW Decals

    Sold. Thanks Alex. -M
  10. 3 dash decals w/imperfections. Sold as-is in a package of (3) for $13 (free shipping) PayPal: [email protected] I will confirm payment & send tracking # for buyer. Thanks, Mo
  11. Still have some poster sets for sale. Sold as a package of (3) 11x17 posters for $15 (free shipping--US) PayPal: [email protected] I will confirm payment & send tracking # for buyer. Thanks, Mo
  12. These are my last two 50 Jahre green decals. Sold. Thanks, Mo
  13. mo02

    BMW Decals

    PM sent, Thanks for your interest -M

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