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  1. Hi Austin, Sending you a PM with payment info now.... Thanks for your interest, -Mo
  2. I will send you a PM with PayPal link -- it should take about 1-week for shipping.
  3. Thanks to you too Byron. Posting them here also as a reference point for turbo owners. I am hoping to put together a picture or two of the decals installed. Appreciate your contact. -Mo
  4. I wanted to share this post with BMW turbo owners for anyone interested in restoring their cold start relay. I have made a transfer decal with exact size and font as original. For interested owners instructions and purchase information is on page 4 of this thread. I can also be reached to answer any questions via this thread or PM. Thanks, Mo PS. I will attach pictures of my other decals to show what installation looks like --
  5. This decal package has been popular recently so I am offering it here also. Spring special price of $35 + $3 shipping ($38 total) for all decals shown in the picture. An outstanding deal for anyone interested. You can PM me or send to PayPal with a note: https://www.paypal.me/MoFaraz Feel free to ask questions, Mo
  6. Decals are now ready for shipping. For those who have already ordered I will be sending your items tomorrow along with instructions via Email. Those who are interested: 1) Instructions attached + picture of actual decal 2) PayPal.me link: https://www.paypal.me/MoFaraz $22 for (1) decal $42 for (2) decals $62 for (3) decals $82 for (4) decals $102 for (5) decals etc..... 3) Webstore link: https://mofaraz.com/Bosch-Tii 4) Ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174290000257 I am also happy to discuss questions with anyone here on the board. Thanks again for helping these get made and I look forward to seeing restored relays. Mo
  7. Thanks John, I will be updating soon with all the important information. Appreciate your interest and support. -Mo
  8. Thanks Tom, I am happy to say these will be arriving earlier than expected so pictures and information forthcoming. Regarding emissions stickers -- I will have to take a close look to see if making them is possible. Of course it is great to connect with owners who enjoy getting the details restored correctly so thanks for your contact -- Will be in touch. -Mo
  9. Hi Jason, Price is $20/set + $2 shipping or $22 total. Multiple orders only pay shipping once so: $42 for (2) decals $62 for (3) decals $82 for (4) decals etc..... I will send buyers payment confirmation along with estimated shipping date. My PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/mofaraz Thanks again for your interest and feel free to ask questions. -Mo
  10. An update for those who have pre-paid. I have sent in the file today and the decals should arrive by the end of next week. Those who are interested in pre-ordering now is a good time to contact me and anyone else can tune in here for updates. I will not be posting much until the decals arrive except to answer questions (or via PM) and I will be putting an instruction guide together to make installation as easy as possible. Feel free to post or PM me and I will get back to you. Thanks again, Mo
  11. Thank you all for presenting interest. I am sending in the file tomorrow and should be ready to ship around 5/22. In the meantime anyone who wants to pre-pay can PM me (this helps me during shipping as I can send them all at once & is appreciated) I will also be updating this thread with pictures of actual decal, instructions, and any other relevant information as it comes up. Thanks all for posting. -Mo
  12. Great. Thanks -- will have updates soon. -Mo
  13. Thanks Steve, I am working out the details now and should have the file in this week. I expect to have them ready to shop around 5/22 with pictures, instructions, etc.... Thanks for your support, Mo
  14. Thanks Hen, I would of course be making them as original to the car as possible so made in Germany. I will also only me making PN 0 335 330 001 and no other part numbers. I believe there is a 003 and another. Type of decal and font exactly as pictured will be offered. Questions and discussion welcome. -Mo
  15. Hi Hen, I have actually matched the style exactly as original. I would post a file reference now but you can see from my other decals it will look just like original 100% true to that font style. 4 speed example decal -- My decal on left and original dash on right. -Mo
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