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  1. Definitely planning on restoring and getting them as nice as possible - I found this online and his experience seems extensive, so maybe a good roadmap: https://stevekouracos.com/restoration/tips-and-tricks/aluminum-magnesium-wheel-restoration/ I will look into the GreenSolv stripper - might be simpler and more practical than finding the right media blaster.
  2. Received the wheels today - even better than the pictures! Nice transaction, Steve, you are a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks very much! 😀🏆🏅
  3. Long shot, but do you still have carb/manifold set up?
  4. bn7man


  5. Interested in a set as well - PM sent
  6. I would be interested in the seats - any pictures? Also, would possibly be interested in the 245 too. Thanks.
  7. Plastic plugs in trunk area related to sunroof car ventilation? Also, good spare tire well?
  8. Thanks, I saw them on their website but was hoping to find someone with a couple lying around. Would like to avoid 49 Euro shipping charge...
  9. recently re-entered ownership with purchase of a '76 sunroof '02. Could use a replacement spare tire well and the will need the 2 trunk vent plugs related to sunroof models (these must have been lost during an old repaint somewhere along the way). Thanks for any help. Brit/Portland, OR
  10. License plate dome lights? Could use right and left if in good shape. US version. Thanks.
  11. www.reliable-carriers.com I have used them several times with zero problems. It's enclosed trailer and more expensive than open. Whatever carrier you use, I'd grease the driver for a "top row" spot - had a bad experience with Autobahn when one of my cars was slobbered on...
  12. I could use a set of early steel wheels... for a '72tii. Do you have a full set of those?

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