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  1. ozzie


  2. Great pictures. And updating. I'm not sure if a 700 will look right if the doors match the quarters so well (completely joking). Nice color too. Great job.
  3. It looks like a 1960 non-sport coupe. It looks like it's all there. Rusty, but all there. It's sad that they don't have the pull of Porsche 356's; even though they are rarer to see. It would be nice to see this one shiny. My tetanus shot can only handle what I have right now. Someone should put in the love.
  4. Haven't done it myself, but I found this. It's from the SOS 700 newsletter #10 Oct 1987.
  5. http://www.stanceworks.com/2014/08/the-collector-part-ii-the-1960-bmw-700rs-chassis-1-of-2/ BMW 501 turn signals, maybe Hella R50/2 motorcycle taillights, 700 rear window used for the windscreen. Only one outside of factory captivity. Formula 4 race car. Take a 700 drivetrain soup it up. Flip the trans. Jam it in a super light open wheel frame and you have the reare Legrand Cheetah. I believe this one is from IE. You have to remove the cylinders to remove the engine. BMW 600 based formula Junior race car. http://jalopnik.com/5102284/formula-junior-bmw-to-be-brought-back-to-life-by-restorer-of-eddie-griffin-enzo Farmobil http://www.allpar.com/cars/adopted/farmobil.html I'll post more later.
  6. Wow! Like mini R2-D2's. Those valve reliefs are huge. That is amazing. I can't wait to hear more as the project progresses. So much of the 700 stuff is super rare or lost. It's very cool to see someone put the effort in. I'm hoping you get a good run at Portland this year. Cheers.
  7. It's cool to hear about other projects. Yes, I'm in Seattle and about 13 miles from Racecraft. I was going to hit up Racecraft to do my cage for sure! Any pointers for race prepping this thing would be appreciated. Shiny side up and all. -Ozzie
  8. OK, I have two rough ones. I'm hoping to make one good race car out of them. I'm planning on vintage racing. #1 Tetanus Shot 700 sport coupe. Lots of rust. Lots of rust. Did I mention rust? She came with a partial engine, transmission and lots of extras. A lot of the rare stuff was stolen off the car (badges, tach, grilles), but a lot of the original stuff is still there (shift linkage, steering wheel, tank). #2 The Bondo Queen 700 sport coupe. Little to no rust. At least 600 lbs of bondo on it. No kidding the bondo is 3/8" thick on the hood. Looks like it was a race car or autocrossed, but the history is murky (maybe from CA). A rolling shell. The chassis are 367 cars apart. In a weird coincidence one car has a lot of the parts missing on the other. I currently have 2 new factory fenders at home and a used hood on its way. The bondo hood was destroyed (long story). I saw Steve's blue car at Portland Historics years ago and found myself obsessed with finding his car at the track every year thereafter. I'm currently formulating a plan and amassing parts. I'm currently looking for cylinders with 6 bolt sport heads. I hope this forum takes off.
  9. Nice car Steve. I love the new paint. Those boys do good work. Out of curiosity does you Martini motor use the dynastart or does it run an alternator? I wonder how fast you can turn the dynastart before it starts to unwind.
  10. Edit- stupid craigslist flakes. No car for me. I'm done with it.
  11. Ok, So I posted this already in the cars section, but I thought I would try here too. I'm looking for a 700 Coupe (sport would be neat). Not the one on C-List in eastern WA - It's a little farther decomposed/wrecked than I'm willing to shell out cash for, but it was a fun drive to check it out. And I've seen the car in San Diego with the VW motor. And the listing on ebay is not a Coupe and it's in Austria. I'm looking for the "I know a guy" situation or a "I know a car situation". I'm looking for a decent project, engine rebuild is expected. Also definately not a concourse car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Ozzie
  12. Awesome, but not a coupe. And in Austria.
  13. Yep, that's the one is Soap Lake. I drove out yesterday to see it. It's toast. Whole driver's side is messed up at the rocker under the opening side if the driver's door. Looks like it jumped a curb. It pushed the frame into the rocker about 1 1/2". The engine has been apart for 12 years, in the open. Not trying to be picky. But looks like project hell.
  14. If I could only find it. One of us has got to have one out there.

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