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  1. There are options. I've never used them but you would need the interface either way for amp remote on. https://www.bossaudio.com/?post_type=product&p=134894&preview=true&from=search dlm ny country
  2. You could always reach out to Blunttech if you are having a hard time contacting Jake. Steve is tight with the Jake crowd. dlm ny country
  3. I was wondering if you got your 02 suspension as a kit or put it together. I know Ground Control uses Eibach springs and Koni struts/shocks. I have the   coilover kit with adjustable Konis on my e30 and love. Have H&R springs and Bilstiens on my 02 and hate it. Would like to switch  out to a similar setup like yours.


    Doug M

    1974 2002 L Jetronic ef

    1991 318is

    2002 325xit

  4. Or a wrestling mat. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/products/wrestling-shoes.jsp dlm ny country
  5. Is that BMW "Steele" Blue? Cars look great. Curious to blue color. dlm ny country
  6. A late model e30 fuel pump will drop and fit perfectly into a 1974 gas tank. Fuel sender will be spot on too. Less pump noise when in the tank also. hth dlm ny country
  7. If I remember correctly the Green/ Violet wire coming off off the fuel pump relay should go to the FI pump( fused). dlm ny country
  8. I would like the audio book version in a church hall echo format with a 20 ms delay. This will add to the heavenly experience. Good luck with the book. dlm ny country
  9. I would check all major ground points. Alt. to block. Block to frame (unibody). Grounds by relays on inner fender well. Unbolt all leads and clean both surfaces. It's free and is always good maintenance anyway. My o2¢ dlm ny country
  10. Jim.. Is your mailbox full? Can't send message. Funny you should mention fuel pump. I always carry one with me. The o2 and my e30 318is can use the same pump. I have an extra left over from the days of my e30 325ix. So I just throw it in the trunk, The o2 should make it to Saratoga Vintage in July. It's only about 2.5 hours from my house. It's a small but very enjoyable show put on by Frank Greppo. Saratoga Springs is a neat little town to vacation in during the summer. dlm
  11. Double Espresso Latte, Boom Box and some prep work. The e30 is real dirty. Hoping to clean it up and drive the sh*t out of it down to Asheville. dlm ny country
  12. Is that the BMW Nogaro paint color? Car looks very nice •••••••• dlm ny country
  13. Burlwood Veneer. Covered the fake wood. dlm ny country
  14. "Over the following few days, he and I worked out a price that seems quite fair to both of us." I smell a Wayne Carini in that dialogue.. dlm ny country ‹(•¿•)› ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄█▓▒░░▒▓█▄▀▄▀▄▀▄
  15. That head unit is Jurassic. If you want to "rebuild" your audio system, I would look for a head unit that will give you more options and better drivability. There is sooo much out there today. Jason (screename Eurotrash) has some nice upgrades. I would reach out to him if. http://boltonbliss.bigcartel.com dlm ny country
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