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  1. Not to mention the e46 wagon. My fav-- the Xi awd since they stopped making the iX e30. Nice stable of BMW's. dlm ny country
  2. Beautiful... That is some nice looking particle board. ‹(•¿•)› Car looks great no doubt. dlm ny country
  3. There are options. I've never used them but you would need the interface either way for amp remote on. https://www.bossaudio.com/?post_type=product&p=134894&preview=true&from=search dlm ny country
  4. You could always reach out to Blunttech if you are having a hard time contacting Jake. Steve is tight with the Jake crowd. dlm ny country
  5. Weasels are awesome hunters. I've been stranded many miles from home because of mice nibbling on my car. Wish I had a a weasel to take care of the problem. dlm ny country
  6. Depending on how bad you frame rail is will determine if you need to remove engine or not. You can do a section repair of the rail if the damage is limited. Any good metal/autobody guy can execute a sectioned repair. That would make the job easier and cheaper without jeopardizing your structural integrity of you car. dlm ny country
  7. Sharpies will fade over time. Many e30 owners use Testors paint. Better choice. dlm ny country
  8. Damn... Rockaways would be fun. Wrong Saturday for me..Take Pictures !!! I remember the 'Irish Bungalows" summer vacationing from many a moon ago. Wish I could make it. dlm ny country
  9. Yaaaah.. There is a BMW God...... essss Hope it is in good shape. dlm ny country
  10. If your main guy in PGK is Lawrence, don't waste your time with a shop you are not familiar with and just go to your guy if possible. Bimmers Only is in Bedford Hills ( Northern Westchester) and you might as well just go to PGK. dlm ny country
  11. I was wondering if you got your 02 suspension as a kit or put it together. I know Ground Control uses Eibach springs and Koni struts/shocks. I have the   coilover kit with adjustable Konis on my e30 and love. Have H&R springs and Bilstiens on my 02 and hate it. Would like to switch  out to a similar setup like yours.


    Doug M

    1974 2002 L Jetronic ef

    1991 318is

    2002 325xit

  12. Thanks for the update Paul. Glad to hear the good news at this point. Regarding loss of weight, you can always "Supersize" to get good healthy calories. Avocados are the "Omega 3" of fruit. They have a very high content of good fat (HDL). Hernia's are no biggy. I had 3 procedures and the last one was a double inquinnal which I actually walked home from surgery. Keep on trucking. dlm ny country
  13. Or a wrestling mat. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/products/wrestling-shoes.jsp dlm ny country
  14. I see a Caribbean Blue Charlemagne special o2.. I'll get to a show one of these days, ....years. dlm ny country

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