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  1. He has several dealerships, great guy and some really great old BMW's
  2. I have several in northern NM, projects, let's talk. I have a rare italian 4 headlight car, little if any rust, campy wheels, this will make a great 02, roundie give me a call 505-320-9666
  3. OK, currently have 3 E9's, and love them. Have several 2002's, let's make a deal, roundie, euro, or square tail light. What do you want, please contact me off line 505-320-9666
  4. I have an Italian delivery model with the same set up, I purchased the car from the GI that brought it home with him. Also has italian blinkers
  5. I'm interested, what would you rate the condition, and cost please. thanks Sooner
  6. Know a great one just south of Durango. Let me know if you want details
  7. Have a friend in central florida in need of rear floor pans where subframe mounts go. Please help
  8. I know my car is not a Diana, however it is an Italian delivery, correct blinkers, 4 head light car with original campy's. Needs restoration. Some day....
  9. Daughter has a 73, new paint, new upholstery, new carpet, runs great, dry NM car. sun roof needs adjusting, ready to go $5500
  10. Body is actually in good shape, little to no rust, just surface, a few dents that can be repaired. Great buy just for a rust free roundie body...
  11. I have an original tool kit, still in plastic with Part Sticker on bag, I have had for many years, thought I would keep for the perfect 02, but now into E9's so it is available, first $150 plus shipping. thanks
  12. Where is he located in NM? We can help, but in the nw corner.
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