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  1. Hello, are you still doing seatbelts?  I have a 1974 1602 in need of replacement seatbelts.  [email protected],.com

    1. bluedevils


      Please pm at FAQ to discuss the details.


  2. I just received my set of four injectors. Paul did a tremendous job, these injectors were deemed not buildeable by several tii experts. He was able to bring them to brand new condition. I highly recommend his services. My mission is now completed: three rebuild KF pumps with matching injectors.
  3. I guess I spoke too early... I apologize for the rant but I swear I couldn't find this post in several previous attempts, may be too much wine...THIS SITE IS AWESOME.
  4. Yes, I was having a bad day, mainly because a lot of seat belts installation posts I refer to a few fellows cannot be found. Google search within FAQ now says, post couldn't be found or something like that... For example, please find for me the Peacock method for installing inertia belts to early cars, I will buy 12-pack beer for you of your choice! Previously, I could at least find my posts although it was sometimes complicated and taken longer, now it seems impossible. I personally used this site for a lot of years for valuable information, and for that it is indeed an excellent source. But it is frustrating when you can't find stuff you knew were there before...
  5. Can't find anything, can't find any of the old posts, very difficult to navigate etc. What the hell of going on here? Do I need a Ph.D. in navigation science? This web site is complete garbage now..
  6. Hi Paul; I have a set of 4 KF injectors that have been tested in the past. Three of them have opening pressure around 700psi w/ good spray pattern, and one was said to be bad. Can you help with these to bring them back to 500psi range? I also have some spare pintle assemblies and pintle washers of several thicknesses. All parts have been cleaned in the past using ultra sound. When I opened the injectors I found that the pintle washers were pretty thick. I don't know if they were added on purpose so they open at a higher psi or not. Injector bodies are in excellent and clean shape. Please let me know. email: bluedevilsaudio at gmail dot com. thx al
  7. I need p/n: 11310731100 or 11311427307, the U shaped bracket to secure the cam shaft not the timing chain gear.
  8. I need about 4 or 5 of these for the e12/E121 heads I have. thx al The Seatbelt Guy
  9. I need three upper timing covers and two valve covers (one tii valve cover and one normal preferred) and two tii injectors. Let me know what you have and price (I will use my Fedex account for shipping, no post office shipping). No warped covers please. Injectors should have nice spray pattern and opening pressure around 500 psi. p.s. If you need new seat belts (or refurbishing your old ones) we can work some kind of un-capitalistic bartering/swap deal.
  10. I will take one, please PM. FYI, I have bought your nice stencil sets before.
  11. those old radios have low music power consequently original German oval speakers were of higher efficiency (small Alnico magnet, light weight paper cones). So if you install a modern oval speaker chances are they will be of lower efficiency which my overload your original radio, may distort the sound and even burn the output stages. Check the efficiency of modern replacements to be greater than 90dB.
  12. I meant Automatic Lap belts as all mid 72 and later 02's came with. I helped few fellows to use the front belts at the back by swapping the retractors that work at an angle. There are two mounting holes, one where the old rear retractors installed, and other on the inner rocker to install the front retractors under the rear seat, only in 74-76 models. You need to pull the lower seat cushion to see what I am talking about. You will use these additional anchors to install the retractors at an angle towards the rear, and the other anchors (where the rear retractors were installed originally) to install end end fitting of the webbing.
  13. If your car is 74-76 model, you can use extra seat belt anchors on the inner rocker under the rear seat cushion to mount front belts at the rear (using C-pillar anchors, and the old anchors where the old lap retractors used to be). If an early car you can weld anchor plates to mount the retractors. In either care you need retractors that work at that angle (I have some), or modify your rusty set.
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