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  1. Name: BMW 2002 Turbo Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2018-12-08 Submitter: 442stang BMW 2002 Turbo
  2. Pretty functional console setup that can be customized with top stitch and material. Engineered fro new AC / Heat setup that fits in space ! http://www.dtechparts.com/bmw-2002-heat-and-ac-evaporator-new-redesigned-as-modern-car/ upgraded console only http://www.dtechparts.com/ac-center-console-custom-stitch/
  3. 442stang

    Frame rails

    you are probably better off getting some square or rectangle high strength steel tube and having them fashioned to match original rails. Likely would be stronger, faster and less expensive. Very unlikely to find good used and not sure if BMW ever made replacements ... check realoem.com Our machine shop welder has made before could make again
  4. 442stang

    WTB Left and Right front bumper ends for 1970

    have a perfect rechromed set ! Make offer ? can send pics if you like
  5. you are better off just finding a plug for a later model flasher box and flasher switch as even if you find one likely to have issues ? good luck... we recently just pulled plug and flasher box from 320i for a 70 build... .worked great
  6. 442stang

    WTB: Early Front Seat

    i have a set from 1600.. One of seats might be partly disassembled ? will take a few pics if you like and email to you.
  7. we have about a dozen of them. What sort of condition and $ do you want ? I think should have one pretty complete... and some that need adjustment ?
  8. 442stang

    74 tii Starting Issue

    Sounds like your fuel pressure or cold start are dumping to much fuel and have flooded the plugs Unfortunately with Tii's once plugs are flooded they are very slow to dry out. Best to pull them clean or better yet just replace with some new. To find out if to much fuel take a small towel and a vice grip and squeeze off the line to KF pump. You can partly cut it off or fully cut off. Then crank... the residual fuel in system will likely make it run a second. All fixed then release vice grip on line. Now adjust your pump for correct fuel setings and / or adjust cold start Now check your cold start to see if coming or or not or possibly staying on I know purist love to keep the cold start auto timed relay but we almost always disconnect relay and run a normal off button to left of steering wheel. When held in lets cold start have fuel when released no fuel. Or sometimes will connect to starter so automatically runs just when cranking engine Both approaches are superior to depending on expensive fragile cold start relay For security I always suggest to new Tii owner keep spark plug wrench and fresh set of plugs in trunk. Easy fix if get flooded to get home then do final corrections Obviously before doiing all this check for spark but you post said you had spark ? Good luck KF inject cool technology but when it goes bad will remind you of best Rube Goldberg experiment :)
  9. 442stang


    This car long sold but building out a 68 Charmonix 2002. Is now available for engine, paint, interior selection 214 352 0868
  10. 442stang

    1972 BMW 2002 Tii - Matching #s, 5 Speed, 4 Wheel Discs

    nice car I am sure you will get alot of attention.
  11. would appreciate helping me locate 1971 fuel sending unit for gas tank. Is the shorter fuel tank sending unit could also use a later model gas tank in leak free conditioni thanks
  12. 442stang

    Need e10 glass

    have lots of glass including new front windshields www.dtechparts.com call us 214 352 0868 where are you located as shipping glass a bit of a challenge
  13. 442stang

    WTB Behr air conditioner

  14. 442stang

    Clardy or HobieDave AC bracket needed

    we manufacturer our own brackets. We can tune it a bit to early model or late model cars. Designed to work on early model cars without the high bolt mounts on block and to work on later model cars with the high bolt mounts the Hobie Dave bracket requires Also have new tensioners and pulleys as works better with pulley and tensioner http://www.dtechparts.com/ac-compressor-bracket-for-bmw-2002-m10-engine/
  15. 442stang


    these work great http://www.dtechparts.com/german-fold-down-cupholder/ see installed here http://www.dtechparts.com/bmw-2002-heat-and-ac-evaporator-new-redesigned-as-modern-car/