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  1. please let me know if you have a driver side hood catch (part that mounts on inside edge of hood that secures hood when pulling lock down lever thanks
  2. A fantastic way to modernize your BMW 2002 and get rid of problematic old heater box and revamped AC evaporators. Specially engineered to fit precisely in OEM space and for center console to remain stock in size or smaller ! We have installed in several cars works famously including ability to run vents to sides of dash for better air flow. A BIG upgrade for your BMW 2002. Installation requires no special skills but do need to have basic AC skills to charge unit with freon. http://www.dtechparts.com/bmw-2002-heat-and-ac-evaporator-new-redesigned-as-modern-car/ Installed is less weight then original heater box and AC, works with existing heat / ac setup under hood or we also provide complete kit to modernize under hood AC components as well. This kit will modernize your existing AC evaporator (Fridgking, Behr, Clarty, or aftermarket) http://www.dtechparts.com/bmw-2002-complete-a-c-kit/ We can offer consoles designed and covered in your choice of leather, vinyl, stitch etc. for slight up-charge. Based unit comes with console sides covered in black vinyl. Can use an OEM Behr front face plate for true original look or we can provide center piece you can use to cut in your choice of radio, flasher button, controls. We suggest using a double DIN low profile stereo / monitor like pictured We can also do install for you we are in Dallas TX. We will provide phone support to assist you remotely as best we can. Pictured here with optional backup camera
  3. We grind our own 292 cams put in most of M10 engine we build. Seems to be perfect upgrade for power without heavy"lope" Highly recommend !
  4. e39 M5 just a great car ! Just not a better all around sedan / sports car ? Good luck with the sale !
  5. good deal on replacement door brakes
  6. try these $70 for a pair http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-Model-2002-Door-Check-2-/142103486839?hash=item2116072177:g:12QAAOSwFdtXxwER
  7. just need medal hinge piece riveted on rear quarter window. So if you have a broken quarter window have left over hinge please email. Drop it in a usps box thanks
  8. 442stang

    Frame rail

    best to just get some heavy gauge square tube and form it to look just like orig frame rail but stronger !
  9. I would concur with safety comments that modern cars are indeed safer in a crash test. Although have built about 200 of these cars and 200 non 2002's and have spoken with probably thousands of 2002 owner, previous owners, other owners and in building 2002's and others( Sunbeam Tigers, Mustangs, etc) really have not. heard from many folks of fatalities, injuries in a BMW 2002. Not really hearing of a serious injury from passenger / driver of 2002 (does not mean has not happened) but is a non scientific informal poll that I think the visibility, driving nimbleness and generally "safer then it peers of the era" construction makes 2002's them pretty safe classic cars. I had my son drive one all through high school ! I tell folks all the time would rather be in a nice 2002 in a rear end or frontal collision then a new mini-coopers. However, obviously would be much safer in my wife's 4x4 Lincoln Navigator with full curtain airbags We install new (fully functional vs. old belts) 3 point seatbelts in front and can do in back and that is really no big deal and does improve safety I also tell folks you can get a 2002 setup nicely as a daily driver but take and investment and never going to have air bags and never going to be a 4000 pound vehicle to give you and edge with Newtonian physics of a collision but One idea as a compromise is my favorite almost classic car but really fully modern less goofy electronics are the e36 BMW of all flavors (2 doors, 4 doors, hatch, convertibles) built from 92 to 99. Just fantastic cars that have the perfect blend of a somewhat analog car with full electronic fuel injection, air bags, convertibles even have Volvo style pop up roll bars... My daughter in high school has a red convertible e36 318i and has been a great "fun" kids car for her Own one of each.... ? Use the e36 for more daily commutes on interstates and 2002 for more fun less dangerous adventures ? Good luck... is just sad new car manufacturers don't make nice rear wheel drive simpler vehicles these days !
  10. To open trunk if latch is not working try the followin 1. what happens is when you push on lock a barb off the rod pushed on trunck lock.... when you turn key it move barb away from lock (thus locking) so first make sure you have in unlocked position and work it... push down on lid see if you can get barb to catch on lock 2. if that does not work you likely have barb behind trunk lock... happens... try with pliers to pull out on lock assembly while turning in lock position... it might get behind latch again and you are good. If car has been tapped or hit in rear you might even use a dent puller to try to pull out on whole rear panel 3. Lastly if no luck about all you can do is punch out one of the rear tail lights and reach in and push latch manually with a long screwdriver Likely there is a bag of gold in trunk that will make it all worthwhile good luck
  11. good belts inexpensive http://www.dtechparts.com/front-seat-belts-compatible-to-bmw-2002-and-bmw-2002tii/
  12. These work great... great price $40 each... much stronger then original http://www.dtechparts.com/bmw-2002-door-check/
  13. Wow, nice job on the shifter knobs ? Are they turned out of a solid piece of wood ? How were they made ? very interested nice job... interested in a trade for a new set of front seatbelts ? http://www.dtechparts.com/search.php?search_query=seat+belt&x=0&y=0
  14. Have one extra salt and pepper carpet kit. We custom manufacturer these for our cars They look great ! Very close to original salt and pepper look $500 + shipping Call or email for links to vehicles we have installed... this link to a build should work https://goo.gl/photos/6Tg4WKDNXW8krSrX7 we only sell products we use in our ground up builds. Also have excellent sound deadening product can ship at discount with carpet 214 352 0868
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