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  1. Jerry... not yet, realized I need to do the headliner first! That's the first thing to happen when I get back from vacation. I'll send you a PM about the parts, but yeah, I should be down there, or my sister can take them down for me next time she's up, which I believe is in a couple weeks. Peter, sending you a PM back.
  2. Sorry, both of these have been sold. It's from a '72, as far as I know. Has what looks to be a 70 stamped on the top.
  3. Big news! The engine is in!!! Still need to hook up the transmission, driveshaft, exhaust, wiring, and get a new battery, but I'm very happy. The engine re-instal was the part I was most nervous about, and it's over now. Lots of cussing, lots of yelling, some blood, few tears, and lots of sweat. My mom helped by almost knocking the engine off the temporary support while we tried to figure out how to lower the car while still being able to push the hoist under it. The dog helped by constantly laying in front of the hoist (she's very bright). But in the end, my dad, our neighbor who was there for the last instal (and insisted on being included for this one), and I got the engine back in. To elaborate on our one issue, I had wanted to unbolt the subframe, put the engine on the subframe, and lower the body onto the frame/engine. My dad figured we could just lower the engine into the engine bay with little issue (wrong). The first problem was that the hoist didn't lift high enough to clear the nose. Second problem was that the front wheels on the hoist couldn't fit between Stanley's tires. So, we shortened the chain around the engine, took the tires off and lowered Stanley onto some 2x4 supports (really classy), and... it still wouldn't work. Floor jack under the subframe, jack it up so the hoist wheels would clear the control arms, and ta-da! In it went. However, we did have the issue of the engine mounts. Not as easy to tilt the engine as someone (my dad) thought it would be. Took some man-handling (more accurately woman-handling, because I had been holding the hoist and was not quite as fatigued as they were), but everything is where it needs to be now. The passenger side mount was super frustrating. Should have mounted it on the subframe outside of the engine bay, but noooooooo. Eh, whatever. If we ever have to do it again (oh god no), it's coming out the bottom. Before we did anything: Waiting to figure out how we are going to get this thing in: And in! In some cars, a 2x4 replaced the transmission. Very rare, worth millions. There are more pictures somewhere, mostly of us all sweaty and frustrated (did I mention it was like 85 and humid af?). So I may or may not be posting those at some point. But before I have to think about what else needs to be done, I can rejoice in knowing my engine is back in!
  4. Noooo! I was so excited that I was going to make it this year, but I'm leaving for Hawaii that weekend. Dammit, guess I'll have to cancel my vacation! I don't know when I thought it was, but I'm putting it in my calendar for next year. Stanley will certainly be ready to go by then!
  5. Sadly, I can not find the key. In hindsight, I may not have received a key with the donor car it came from. I dropped it to $10. PMs sent to everyone else.
  6. I will search for it tomorrow and let you know! Yes, that's the piece. It looks like it's $7.15 to ship, unless I can fit it in a small priority mail box, in which case it's $5.95.
  7. Did some spring cleaning last week and found a bunch of parts I don’t have any need for. Most of the parts are dirty, but they will be cleaned before they’re shipped. Any rust seen is surface only. Prices don’t include shipping. Please feel free to make an offer on anything… I want them gone! In the pictures (if I don’t mention something you see, please make an offer) tie rods - make an offer front struts, non tii - $40 for both calipers - $20 for both brake drums - $10 for both brake shoes - $10 for both wheel hubs - $20 for both steering column with lock/key- $50 tail light reflectors - $10 for both trunk lock and latch, no key - SOLD fuel filler neck - $20 shock boots - make an offer handbrake - $25 non locking gas cap - SOLD wiper assembly with motor - SOLD stock shifter - SOLD steering coupler and extra guibo - $15 heater box, motor is frozen, core and box in decent shape - $25 Not pictured 4 springs - make an offer gauge cluster, black, clean and working - $100 center grille, dent in the middle but straightened somewhat (can send pics) - $50 B pillar rubber, used but perfectly fine (I ordered new ones then found the old) - SOLD wiring harness, has been cannibalized (2 wires taken from front, about a foot cut out of the rear section) - SOLD
  8. At least your locking gas cap is still pristine! On a more serious note, I know you got banged up pretty bad, and you're obviously devastated about the car. I got in a really bad accident in my Mini Cooper (got rear ended while stopped in traffic by a box truck doing 50mph who didn't see the stopped cars because, "the sun was in his eyes."), and not only totalled the car I loved, but I got really badly hurt too. It sucks for a while, but you're ok - or you will be - and that's all that matters.
  9. Unfortunately, I did not make it to Vintage. I drove all the way down to my sister's, and everyone was excited to go. Then I woke up that morning violently puking. Decided maybe it wasn't the best choice to go! This year, my plan is to drive/trailer Stanley down!
  10. I did it again! Gah! I typed a whole update and I accidentally hit a button and everything disappeared. Not enough coffee yet today, I suppose. Anyway, let's see if I can remember what I wrote. I have gotten more work done in the past two weeks than I have in the past... 6 months? I was vacuuming the inside of Stanley on the 12th, in preparation for the soundproofing, and somehow twisted just right, enough to pop my back. I already have two bulging disks, but they have been fine, until now. So many drugs, a MRI, and two doctors later, no work for 3 weeks. Doesn't mean I can't work on Stanley, though I am somewhat limited. The first week I got the firewall insulation installed, most of the interior soundproofing (until I ran out), and three brake lines. I'm waiting on a major parts order from W&N, which includes the little rubber thingies that go inside the fenders on the brake lines. So until I get those, brake lines are on hold. I did install the line that runs from the master cylinder to the "T" in the back, and the two lines to the passenger side fender. Firewall and brake lines: Interior soundproofing: Another shot: This past week, I have been doing just wiring. I have somewhat cannibalized the wiring harness I got with the donor body, in order to fix two wires on the front portion, and a lovely train wreck on the rear part, which my dad fixed 14 years ago after he melted it while welding. It was functional, but ugly. I didn't take any pictures of my fix, but it's so much nicer! My soldering skills leave a little to be desired (mostly I just make a mess), but it's not rocket science. And all of the lines work, which is what I care about! So if anyone wants a partially cannibalized wiring harness, I've got one for ya! Wiring fun. I think this is the two front portions: The biggest lesson I learned is that you can never label enough. I didn't label very much on the wiring harness, and I have been kicking myself for it. I was such an idiot! I'm now stalking other builds to find pictures of where the wiring harness goes through the firewall, because I didn't label enough or take enough pictures. If/when I do another build, I will not forget this lesson! The other night I mocked up how I want my center console to look. I have a really nice head unit I got for my truck, but after installing it, the sound quality sucked. Come to find out, the adapter harness didn't work with the truck's factory amp, and it would have been a complete pain to rewire. So I took it out, put the stock one back in, and kept the nice one for Stanley. Since I'm wiring, I've been thinking about how to install it. I wanted to do something with cupholders too, if possible. I'm not going to build it until much further down the line, but as of now, I'm happy with how it's looking. It's an unfortunately dark picture, but you can kind of get the gist. The part with the actual radio will be more upright, to leave room for the cupholders, which will fit my favorite travel mug. Again, it's not even remotely finalized, but it's a start.
  11. I have one. I'll send you a message with a pic and info.
  12. Sadly, not much progress has been made. I went to France for two weeks last summer, so between getting ready for that and the actual trip, I didn't get a lot of free time to work. Well, that, and the HORRENDOUS winter we had! I'm too much of a wimp to work outside in the cold/snow (though I love shoveling, oddly). And I am in the process of starting my 3 yo horse under saddle. Busy busy. We did a little more painting, around the windows, but it's only a base coat. I cleaned and re-taped the wiring harness, and today I will be installing that. Trying to gear up for the engine! The biggest issue we had was rebuilding the transmission... which resulted in my dad cracking the cover. So after he got a shop to weld the aluminum, he realized he couldn't actually get the cover back ON the transmission. Months of pondering and tinkering later, we (I), decided it was time to buy a new one. Found a perfect one from a lovely FAQer (Jerry0721), and a windshield! So today I am also working on reattaching the rebuilt shifter to that transmission, and, with a new clutch, putting it back on the engine. One step closer! Painting (new right fender too). Don't mind the drips, everything has been sanded: Pre-paint, with hood and trunk: I'll try to get some more pictures of the progress today.
  13. I'm in need of a 4 speed transmission for my 72. Message me here, or email hipgirl3@msn.com with what you've got. I'm in VA, willing to pay shipping.
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