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  1. Hey guys, I've recieved a lot of your emails, sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I am currently in the marines, away from all my stuff. I won't be back to it for a while, but if I have time when I am, i'll email you guys. Again, sorry about that.
  2. Sorry, the lamp is for sunroof cars only. And yes, I'll sell the fenders for that. Please email me. Thanks
  3. Sorry, the lamp is for sunroof cars only. And yes, I'll sell the fenders for that. Please email me. Thanks
  4. The dash is out of a '76 and and is almost perfect. You can see some tiny cracks in the pictures, but the top is perfect. Its been out of the sun a long time, probably almost 20 years. $300 The distributor is an 002. I do not have its cap, but it has new points and condensor. $100 The fenders are the walloth and nesch reproductions, I believe the same that Ireland now sells. They fit great. $400 for the pair The dome light is in great shape, the switch works perfect. $40 All prices are plus shipping, please email me at jgkahrs at gmail dot com Thanks, Jordan
  5. The rubber is in excellent shape, and these would look very good on any car. The front was disassembled for shipping, I'll take the rear apart to ship also. $250 each, plus shipping. email is jgkahrs at gmail dot com
  6. These were pulled from one of my cars before I sold it. They ran great, and sound even better. Before installing them, I completely rebuilt them. I sent them to Pierce Manifolds to see if the throttle shafts and bearing needed replacing. They were perfect, and did not. One of the jet covers was replaced, as was one of the floats. New fuel filters were installed, and it was jetted according to Pierce's prescription. The mains are 130F9's and the idle jets are 50F8's. I didn't pull the covers to check the other jets, but they were all replaced for an 02. The manifold is a single piece Warneford, and the manifold gaskets are the factory BMW ti ones, not the soft mounts. The linkage is the Top End Performance one. They do fit without a tii booster. They are ready to bolt up to your head and run. Asking $600, my email is jgkahrs at gmail dot com. Thanks, Jordan
  7. Send me an email lance, and i'll hook it up. yes, there are 4 brake shoes. thanks
  8. Still nothing parker, but i just noticed what you wanted. The mud flaps are gone and the bumpers pending, sorry.
  9. Vince, email sent. Parker, I didn't see yours. Thanks
  10. Austin, can you email me, or provide an email? Thanks.
  11. Sorry, I don't have any trunk gaskets or a filler neck. Thanks.
  12. Sorry guys, they sold fast. Do they not make these anymore?
  13. This stuff has collected over the years, and the 02's are all done. All prices are without shipping. L&R rockers from a parts car, rust free - SOLD 2x rear subframe crossmember - $50 each '76 (the relay housings are unique) front wire harness, recovered - $30 set of new brake shoes, unknown - SOLD set of roundie hubcaps(68-73) good shape - SOLD BMW mudflaps, might be from an e21 - SOLD early roundie ashtray - $10 CV joints, disassembled and cleaned - $30 manual tranny speedo cable - $15 late factory air cleaner - $15 steering box, '70 casting - $60 steering box, disassembled, '75 casting - $20 Stock cam - $20 400mm red engine fan - SOLD 002 tii dizzy - $120 voltage regulator - $10 fuse box w/ cover - $20 assorted red and orange non lit reflectors - SOLD e21 Boge strut inserts, new in the box - SOLD Personal 4 spoke steering wheel - SOLD Dino 3 spoke wheel - SOLD heater core - $20 driver rear drum backing plate, almost new - $20 Heater box, could use resto - $50 Heater box shell, spares - $30 2x gray trunk evaporator containers - $10 each driver squarie tailinght housing & chrome frame - $15 Tobacco door panel handles - SOLD summer box - $10 Mini 2002ner - $30 Door handles, 2 pass, 1 driver - $30 Non-sunroof interior handles - SOLD new guibo, still in wrapping - SOLD Squarie license light holder plate, freshly CAD plated - SOLD used blue coil - SOLD washer relay, '76 - $20 defrost switch - $15 hazard switch new 61311356193 - SOLD defrost switch new 61311356088 - SOLD pedal box brake gasket new 35211101077 -SOLD Solex 2bb carb - $20 front and rear '71-'73 bumpers, 8/10 shape - SOLD stainless windshield wiper arms, polished to mirror, concours quality - SOLD unknown header, slight rust - $80 driver front quarter vent assembly - $30 2002 radiator used, good shape - $40 L&R trailing arms - $20 each '76 dash, few tiny cracks, top is totally perfect - $300 L&R deep roundie grills, painted black, decent shape - $100 passenger roundie red center tailight assembly, great shape - $50 fan shroud - $20 3x gauge clusters, roundie - $40 each roundel valve cover, good shape - SOLD driver rear quarter beltline trim, decent shape - $10 driver rear quarter window chrome trim - $10 L&R Walloth & Nesch replacement fenders, new - SOLD steering column, no key - $20 hold down latch bar - $20 black plastic door sill covers - SOLD deck lid support bar - $10 rocker trim, decent shape, 3-drivers, 1-passenger - $15 each 2x 2002 trunk jacks - $20 each Weber 32/36 good shape, unsure of jets - SOLD 100 sq ft fatmat kit, less than 10 ft. used, plenty to do a car - SOLD driver '73 shallow roundie grill, good shape - $120 Email jgkahrs at gmail dot com for pics. Thanks, Jordan
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