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  1. I may have mis-read your question. I do not have my 1976 2002 any longer but I do have the complete emissions system that came off of it.
  2. Yes I do. I would need to get them out of my parts bin I am sure I can find everything. Mike
  3. Great color...Great M3...couldn't agree more with you on the E30!
  4. I found this E30 in a field and decided to rescue. After a year I finally got it looking fairly good. All original 1986 325es with 80,000 miles and a 5 speed. The 325es is not a desirable E30 but fun to drive.
  5. I will take 2 4speed patterns. Let me know how to pay. Thanks.
  6. Yes. Rick took great care of that tii. You got a good car. I was shocked when he sold it. I thought I had talked him into returning it to its original color. I even gave him 4 stock tii wheels to put back on it. I hope you will enjoy it for a long time.
  7. This looks like my friend's old car. Did you buy it from a guy in Texas? If you did he purchased from a friend of mine at Oktoberfest 2018..
  8. Has anyone ever seen these marking on the Fuel Injection cover?
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