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  1. I know this will should crazy but have you recently installed a new rubber shift boot? I had the same problem and it was because of the new rubber shift boot. I installed a softer one and problem went away.
  2. I am the original owner of my 74 tii and it came with a trap mirror. When I purchased the car new, I had the dealer put on a passenger side trap mirror for safety. I was so used to driving cars with both side mirrors. I do regret that decision today.
  3. I used Taylor a long time ago and he was very good. There are other Techs there but I specifically used Taylor. https://chapmanautowerks.com/ Also RRT can usually fix anything BMW. I have used them for my other BMW's but No experience with my 2002. Call them and ask.
  4. If you are entering the super clean class I would make the car look as good as possible. I would go with the new emblems. I participated in the super clean class at last years Oktoberfest. If you want to know more details PM me and I can go over the class in more detail. Mike
  5. MikeD

    E30 Bottlecap

    jfutral..I would be interested. Can you send a picture and let me know how much shipping is to zip code 22152?
  6. MikeD

    E30 Bottlecap

    Thanks but I only need one and I am looking for the factory finish..not chrome but thanks for responding.
  7. MikeD

    E30 Bottlecap

    I am looking for 1 E30 Bottlecap wheel #1125688 e35 BMW 6Jx14H2 . Thanks
  8. MikeD


  9. Yes. It has been sold. Sorry. Mike
  10. I attend AACA shows ever year. Last years show had 4 2002's of which one was mine. I would guess that at least 25% of the cars at the AACA show were foreign. If the 2002 in question won first place it could have been in the first class in the series of awards called the Junior Class where the judges are more forgiving with condition and originality however when you rise up the class structure they are much more strict. I have competed at the Grand National Senior place level and I can tell you that they have judges who are very familiar with the 2002. I had two teams of judges inspect my car both inside and top to bottom which includes underneath the car. They are very strict with originality. The good thing about the AACA is that anyone can compete at some level. There are $5000 cars to multi million cars. They give a venue to everyone in the car hobby. I suspect next year the number of 2002's will double.
  11. I ordered a custom fit 100% cotton flannel cover from Autochic and then ordered a second custom Superweave Premium cover from California Car Cover. I ordered the Superweave premium cover at a 15% larger size then stock size. I use the flannel cover in the garage. It is thick enough to protect from any accidental bumps in the garage and it is paint finish friendly. When I need to park it out doors I use the flannel cover under the Superweave cover. The flannel cover protects the paint and the Superweave cover protects everything from the elements. Overkill....maybe.
  12. I have left mine sit for 7 months and it starts right up. Have done this multiple times and have had no problems.
  13. Not sure how you know which key works. There are several key configurations for locking caps. You need to know the number on the key so you can have someone copy it for you. I am not sure how you do this with out knowing the key number.
  14. I used to put 4 Vredestein winter tires on and 6 boxes of computer paper in the trunk. Never got stuck. I know Verdestein still makes a 13" snow tire.

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