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  1. There is a thread about these somewhere on the faq. Someone bought them and did a review.
  2. Coastalcrush408

    1976 2002

    Holy shit! Somebody figured out how to search all of Craigslist! Congrats man
  3. Coastalcrush408

    Esty's flippin old car

    Dude, hurry up the price is reduced! palm desert auto 🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. Coastalcrush408

    Cheap 75’ 02 in the Bay Area @conkitchen 😂 this has got to be you!
  5. Coastalcrush408

    Best option to fix dents?

    They're metal. All holes lined up nicely, very minor adjusting to get body lines and gaps lined up
  6. Coastalcrush408

    Best option to fix dents?

    W&N have OEM fenders for 300-400 bucks and they also have Non OEM for like 60 bucks. I just replaced both front fenders on my e21 with the non OEM fenders and they fit nicely.
  7. Coastalcrush408

    FS Crack Free One Piece Dash

    This one is 700 shipped
  8. Coastalcrush408

    NM/NA - 5 Cromodora 6x13 wheels

    Darn! Haha! Nice swoop dude 😎👍
  9. Coastalcrush408

    Radio console with speaker

    I’ve got a drill you can borrow 😂
  10. Coastalcrush408

    Looking for anything Hardy&beck H&B

    Diggin the extra info! Here’s some photos I snapped when I went and looked at it. It does have a Hardy&beck cast exhaust manifold on it. Pardon the crap lighting, you can make out the Hardy&beck logo cast into the manifold though. I’ve seen another legit H&B car that also had the “touring gas tank” maybe a coincidence? Maybe an option? 6,500 bucks seems like a fair price.
  11. Coastalcrush408

    Looking for anything Hardy&beck H&B

    He dropped the price on it Monday
  12. Coastalcrush408

    Looking for anything Hardy&beck H&B

    I went and looked at it 6-7 months ago when he first listed it. It needed a lot of love and he's asking too much which is probably why its still currently on Craigslist so many months later. It does have the H&B cool factor though.
  13. Coastalcrush408

    Looking for anything Hardy&beck H&B

  14. Coastalcrush408

    Rsherwood Buyer beware!

    this is awesome! I was actually looking through my parts stash for a mirror to send to D for christmas just to shut him up :) haha