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  1. Still trying to track down this piece!
  2. Coastalcrush408

    BMW E21 Early Model Crackfree Dashboard For Sale

    Lots of us have other BMW's...
  3. Coastalcrush408

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    Man, I feel like that's what makes the 02 community and e21 e30 scene so cool. You get so many different types of people doing different things to their cars and most everybody is as stoked about their car as they are about the car parked next to them. Porsche and Alfa shows are a bunch of snooty purists who value the worth of their car more than they value the actual car itself. Unfortunately in the past few years the 02 scene has started to head down that "investment" car route. Weren't you just bitching about that in another post though? Can't eat your cake and have it to dude! "tuner-ghetto fab" look, completely stock car, resto mod, motor swaps, ten foot spoiler, its all good as long as they're enjoying their car and being respectful of others cars style and hardwork. Who would want to go to a "vintage show and see 50 stock 02's? that would boring as all hell! We get it you drive an early car and are really cool and you have tons of street cred for that and you hate when people who don't know what type of car you drive give you attention and you hate the more "modern" 30 year old BMW's. DUDE, sell your car please it really seems like you don't enjoy what comes along with it...Buy a porsche
  4. Coastalcrush408

    Early Steering Wheel with Metal Spokes

    cool sport wheel!
  5. Coastalcrush408

    E21 hartge front strut brace

    I don’t think they fit 02’s
  6. Coastalcrush408

    E21 hartge front strut brace

    I’ll take it
  7. Coastalcrush408

    So, I bought a new car...

  8. Coastalcrush408

    Recaro seats for sale

    I’ll take them I’m in San Jose and can pick them up tomorrow
  9. Coastalcrush408

    Bay to Socal drive for Socal vintage

    this one runs and drives and gets parked on the street
  10. Coastalcrush408

    72 California clean shell

    not a bad deal
  11. Coastalcrush408

    Bay to Socal drive for Socal vintage

    It was on CL. US spec car with an m20 swap. Both fenders were wrinkled and the front bumper was poorly mounted. Swapping new fenders and bought the correct bumper mounts.
  12. Coastalcrush408

    Shared shop space

    There is potential for that. If I could find enough folks to cover the other half of the rent id be game
  13. Coastalcrush408

    Shared shop space

    Looking to rent a 1,300sqft shop space in Campbell. I'd like to go halves on it 750.00 each. Let me know if you're interested
  14. Coastalcrush408

    1971 BMW 2000 Touring Project

    did you ever register the car in CA? because if you haven't its going to be a pain in the ass now.