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  1. The X_________X block is a factory replacement block
  2. Do you have any without anything on top? I’d love the first one without the roundel
  3. spare tire well has somethign funky going on with it. maybe replaced? doesnt have any of the OG ribbing or tow loop
  4. Looks like an early 1600 ten slat grill not an NK. If it is indeed a ten slat grill for a 1600 I’ll take it. Can you give us some measurements to confirm? I have another ten slat sitting on a shelf right next to me
  5. I’m just going to leave this riiiight here https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/container-with-cap-61-20-03.html 😎👍
  6. 3 grand and only 2 pictures of some bags and cardboard? Detailed photos might help you sell this item...
  7. Yes. The earlier ones had the area around the gauges painted silver as well
  8. Windshields are not the same. W&N has the glass and rubber if I recall. Yours looks a bit more put together than mine 😂
  9. This seller has been repeatedly spoken of in a bad light, people sending money and not receiving parts. I'd be wary of doing any business with him...
  10. What’s the shops name? My fiancé is from Tahoe and her parents still live in Carnelian bay. I’m actually in Tahoe all week.
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