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  1. Coastalcrush408

    Volvo sunroof cables

    Do you have to modify them for them to work?
  2. Coastalcrush408

    67 1600 part out

    I texted you 👍
  3. Coastalcrush408

    67 1600 part out

    What dash is in it?
  4. Coastalcrush408

    25 years of bmw parts

    I'm looking for anything Hardy&Beck related. Thanks, Max
  5. Coastalcrush408

    FS: Roundie Grilles

    I’ll take them
  6. Coastalcrush408

    Hella High Center Brake Light

    Would it fit in the bottom of the window?
  7. Coastalcrush408

    Parts for Sale/Free

    Where are you located? I’m definitely interested in some of the parts mentioned
  8. For what it’s worth, this car has been on CL Portland for quite a long time. It started with a 15k ish price tag and has slowly been dropping for the past 6-7months
  9. Coastalcrush408

    '02 OEM Recaros

    👀 well would ya look at those!
  10. Coastalcrush408

    BMW M3 1991 E30

    It was on Craigslist for 22,500 he must of got a ton of response and bumped the price
  11. Coastalcrush408

    WTB complete manual pedal box

    I’ve gathered most of those items already. Planning an m42 swap. Thanks! Max
  12. Coastalcrush408

    WTB complete manual pedal box

  13. Coastalcrush408

    Zigzagging guibo

  14. Coastalcrush408

    1967 2000C project for sale

    Id be interested in the car itself without the motor!