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  1. ? Yeah i don’t know. I suppose if someone would like to buy it and put a 1600 badge back on the back and an old longneck diff, small control arms, a different driveshaft, and the old brake booster up near the grills and have the dmv change the title to say 1600 you could. OR you could just buy it and enjoy it as is.
  2. Yeah, i mean, i don’t know what to say. The title says 2002, the rear badge says 2002, it has the larger control arms, the brake booster is at the firewall instead of the nose, and it has a 2 barrel manifold and had a 32/36 when i bought it, not a solex, and didn’t have the NK fluid-filled axles and longneck diff. I’ve never had the head off it to measure the pistons. I’ve had the car since 08 so there’s 38 years of unknown ownership for me. It’s still a lovely car and will put a huge smile on your face.
  3. Yeah, it’s a bit of an anomaly with my car. Obviously the tag says 1600, but it’s titled with that vin as a 2002 and my car doesn’t have any of the 1600-specific parts that they had including the brake booster near the front of the engine bay, the smaller control arms, and different axles. Not really sure what else to tell you. It’s right on that cusp between the 1600 and 2002 and could have been something weird with the engine tag.
  4. Ok guys and gals, I’ll probably regret this, but i am choosing to thin the herd. Up for sale, my 1970 2002. It’s a 20 footer-driver, which hasn’t seen much road time the past few years. It’s really stiff, set up more for auto crossing, with bilstein sports, Ireland stage 1 springs, Korman sway bars (23 and 19mm) and mostly polyurethane bushings. It’s got a 1 year old Weber 38/38. I believe i got the car back in December 2007. There’s no headliner, aftermarket mirrors, the bumpers were painted black when i got it, rust is starting to bubble along some of the fender lips and along some of the trim pieces, the rockers are getting pretty crusty but the frame rails are good, and the rear shock towers are solid. The spare tire well has a couple of tiny holes. The drivers floor has a hole about 1.5x1.5 where the gas pedal pivots attached to the floor and broke loose. It’s got a small draw on the battery i never tried to track down, but i keep it on a tender, and the pedal box needs a rebuild because the clutch pedal occasionally comes back toward the driver further than it should. It’s just annoying. It does not affect the clutch operation though. Speedometer needs repaired, and i believe the odometer too. Shows 68k but true mileage unknown. Ansa exhaust sounds like it may have some places that need welded but i think they come like that from the factory for weight savings. Trying to think of anything else pertinent. It’s no garage queen but runs and drives well and turns heads wherever it goes. 6500.00 link to more pics below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/XnGV7mgDqpaHiox38
  5. bjbarbieri


  6. Hello, bit of a long shot but I saw your post from 2012 and was wondering if you may have front right hand door glass?  Or any other itams. I am also in need of 4x5 round water resivoir for wind shield.   Many thanks. Brandyn

  7. Hey kids. I need some side mirrors for my 70 '02. The ones that are on the car were on it as long as I've owned it...some kind of black aftermarket plastic crap that have become so droopy, my car looks like a sad caterpillar from the front or something. I don't even care if they're 02 specific mirrors as long as they're period correct or look like they somewhat belong on the car. Oh, and sorry, but I'm not a fan of the talbot bullet style. Who's got what for sale, or what have you guys found as suitable replacements?
  8. I have an extra set of tail lights, but I'm keeping them with the car. Thanks for asking, and good luck. Alex, As of right now, I have a couple of people interested in the car, so until they make some decisions, I'm not going to sell off any parts individually, as I would like for everything to go together to the new owner. If something changes, I'll let you know. I believe I have a heater box, but not the plate or levers that mount in the dash, just the cables. Good luck, and thanks for the comment.
  9. A brief history on my time with the car. I purchased it in September of 2011. It was previously owned by our local BMWCCA president, Harvey Rogers, who was also a retired mechanic. He purchased it from a customer 15 years prior when it needed some repairs. the customer decided to sell it instead. Harvey had good intentions with the car, but with his poor health and slew of other cars purchased from customers and members, he let the car's state decline. Due to neighbor complaints in 2011, he had to start selling off some of the cars he had sitting around, and being a vintage enthusiast owning 2 2002's of my own, I didn't want to see this car get sold to someone who "didn't get it". I decided to buy it and restore it due to it's story, rarity, and uniqueness. I started by cleaning the car up really well, putting it up on jack stands in my garage and taking everything off the underside of the car. I POR'ed the front and rear subframe, sideloader diff, replaced every single bushing, mount, bolt, washer, re-did the front and rear brakes and brake lines, fuel lines, wheel bearing shocks and struts strut mounts, etc. changed the gear oil, trans oil, I powdercoated the original 14" steel wheels to be used with the dog dish hubcaps, had a custom carpet kit made, powdercoated the valve cover and tons of engine bits, replaced the water pump, rebuilt the alternator, had the radiator checked replaced all of the coolant hoses and thermostat, cleaned out the gas tank, put fresh gas in it, and got it running. Then I had the axles rebuilt, high temp painted the exhaust, new exhaust hangers, new parking brakes, and actually drove the car after it had sat for 15 years. Unfortunately, from sitting, the pressure relief valve on the oil pump had seized and the weakest point on the motor was at the oil filter housing. The o-ring blew and a quart or two of oil quickly blew out of the motor. That put a halt to my immediate plans which were "get the car mechanically safe and sound and drive it with the cool patina". Now I had to do some more in depth rebuilding of the motor I was hoping to postpone. The timing cover gasket was leaking pretty badly anyway, so it was best to just get it done. I pulled the motor, and put it on a stand, and bought a ton of parts. That's where I'm at. I have all of the gaskets and seals to reseal the motor. I have a brand new oil pump, I have all new valve seats and guides. My plan was to reseal the motor, ball hone the cylinders, replace the rings, and have a machine shop do the valve guides, put the motor back in and continue to drive it. Then I started second guessing myself, wondering if I should do the body work before putting the motor in. In the meantime, I had an opportunity to pick up a ton of parts from Atlanta and Maryland. TONS of parts. Doors, subframes, trailing arms, longneck diff, side loader diff, exhaust manifolds, oil pans, block, head, pistons, bearing sets, interior trim pieces, fuel doors, 1800 rear clip, back glass, rust free rear quarter panel, rust free trunk lid, extra complete sets of Solex PHH40 carbs, cams, cranks, a complete wiring harness, distributors, fasteners, seat belts, bumper pieces, and spare back seat, my entire basement is full of spare parts. Some of which I sold or gave away, but most of which I was hoarding "just in case". So fast forward two years later....I've become obsessed with motorcycling, I've got 2 2002's that need some TLC and are starting to need bodywork, and even if I finished the tilux, I still don't have a garage to store it inside. I need to be realistic and find someone who can finish and enjoy this car. It's super rare, super special, and super cool. It's all there, complete, much of the hard work has been done already, and needs someone to just finish it up. There's a link to my blog in the classified ad. If you like, you can scroll through the posts, starting back with September of 2011 and see the progress to where the car is now. If you have any specific questions that I've not answered here, please feel free to ask. Thanks, BJ
  10. Thanks Clay, Unfortunately, lack of space, and too many vehicles currently is what is pushing me to sell.
  11. Hey guys, It's with regret, after much deliberation, that I've decided to see if I can sell my 67 Tilux. I've just got too many irons in the fire, and not enough space. Our 2002s need some TLC, and my obsession with motorcycles over the past few years has not helped my interest level. Anyway, I just made a post over in the for sale section in case people that frequent this forum don't check over there too often. Love to see this one stay in the family. Let me know if you have any questions. 4500.00 plus a ton of spare parts for 1800s and 2000s.
  12. Year:: 1967 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 4500.00 Location: : Akron, OH Against my better judgement, and after much deliberation, I thought I might see if someone had an interest in purchasing my project 67 2000 Tilux. VIN 1455091 was manufactured on April 20th, 1967 and delivered to Hoffman Motors on May 3rd, 1967. Original paint color Granada. Some of you are already familiar with this car, as I had a pretty extensive blog on my restoration to date, up until about 2 years ago when I became obsessed with 2 wheeled BMWs and most of the work on the tilux came to a grinding halt. A car that had been neglected in a driveway for 15 years, and rescued by myself had once again become a victim, this time, to my negligence. I don't really have a great place to keep this car, and a massive lot of extra parts that I have for it. And we also have 2 2002s that both need body work now, and I need to thin the herd. I spent a good amount of time on the car over a couple of years. I had everything taken off the car underneath. I replaced every mount, bushing, bolt, wave washer, and nut. Re-did the brakes, brake lines, fuel lines suspension, POR'ed and powdercoated tons of parts from the subframes to valve cover, and have amassed a ton of extra parts including 5 extra doors, a rust free rear quarter panel and trunk lid, extra tail lights, carb rebuilding kits, extra set of Solex PHH40s, wheels, hubcaps, all the gaskets to reseal the motor, valve guides, a new old stock oil pump, a complete wiring harness, trim pieces, interior pieces, rear glass, a spare block, cranks, oil pans, pistons, side loader diff, cranks, cams, crates and crates of parts that I picked up between Atlanta and Maryland and drove back to Ohio. The car ran, and even drove around at my shop, but due to the length of time that the car had sat prior to my purchase, the pressure relief valve was frozen, causing oil to find the weakest point in the motor, which in this case happened to be the oil filter. I pulled the motor out to reseal it, ball hone the cylinders, replace the oil pump and rings, and drive it with the fantastic patina that it currently has. That was about a year and a half ago, and honestly, I lost interest and got obsessed with my motorcycles. My loss is your gain. This is a more than complete project US spec car with the quad round headlights, and still has the very rare front beltline trim piece that's nearly impossible to find. You can read about everything I've done to the car at my blog, including a ton of picture documentation. https://rustandtiluxation.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/am-i-crazy/ Car is located in Hudson, Ohio at the shop I work at on the weekends, with most of the spare parts being located at my house in Akron. Asking 4500.00
  13. I know I'M re-inspired after this past weekend....I started shopping parts for the tilux motor build as soon as I got back home from SoCal last night. Great to see everyone's beautiful cars and thanks again, Rey, for showing Mae and I such a great time. We are so lucky. Gotta get to work now!
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