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  1. 2002AD

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    Markmac is correct. The Golf Alpina A4S is one we imported from Japan. It was featured in the 1/16 issue of Classic Motorsports, before restoration. Thanks for the compliment on the underside, jdt10768. We try to keep it clean. We're envious of all of you who could go and see the exhibition, because we won't be able to ourselves.
  2. 2002AD

    2002AD Granada Ti

    To answer bimbill's questions, we at 2002AD only put a minimum amount of information in our cars for sale listings for space reasons (since we're posting over 100 cars sold). We usually have a lot more information available on the cars currently for sale, though, and are happy to share that with anyone who inquires about the car. So if you wanted to know more about this car, why didn't you just ask us, instead of asking the forum? Don't you think we wouldn't know more about this car than random readers of an on-line forum would know about it? As for whether or not the owner is a member here, the answer is yes. I am the owner of this car, which is VIN 1688621, and also the owner of 2002AD. To answer JAM3422's questions, yes often the photos that we use in our car listings are not great, but we rely on the cars' owners to send us those photos, and many owners just don't take great photos--something we have no control over. And yes, the price of this car was beyond reasonable, but then the owner lowered it to a reasonable level. And we realized that we didn't have a ti in our collection. So we bought it ourselves, as we feel we should have one of every version of 2002 in our collection, and weren't sure if we'd ever see another ti again. And yes, the bumper over riders came on the car, and the car came from Canada. We'd love to hear from others in this Owners Group if they are correct or not, because we want to make sure the car is correct in every way.
  3. 2002AD


    We would like to repond to tisalover's allegations above about the 2002 Turbo that he bought from someone who bought it from us. We want to assure him that we absolutely did not take any parts off of that car which belonged to it. We have never done that since I've been here, nor will we ever do that, and we're ashamed by stories we hear of some of our competitors engaging in that practice. We think that each 2002 Turbo that we import and sell--being as rare as they are today--needs to be kept as complete, and original, as possible. Unfortunately, though, many Turbos and other Euro-version cars that we import are not complete, and we have to replace missing or bad parts with parts from our stock or new parts from Germany. We have even imported and sold several 2002 Turbos that were projects, which required full or at least partial restorations even to be able to drive them. Perhaps tisalover's 2002 Turbo was one of these, which would certainly explain the condition in which he purchased it. We would be happy to share with him the entire contents of the file we have on his car, if he would simply ask us instead of insinuating what he did. Ben Miller 2002AD
  4. 2002 AD would like to respond to the above 3 posts about alleged stolen parts. The person who wrote the negative reviews about us in Yelp is a senile old customer over 75 who is someone who can't remember what parts he had and what he didn't have, what work was done by us and what was done by other shops, what was working on his car when he brought it to us and what was not, who is always running out of gas in his car--probably because he doesn't pay attention to the gas gauge--and who can never remember how to get his car into 5th gear. We have taken pity on him many times and given him free tows here to work on his car, helped him arrange transportation back home, given him loaner cars, referred photo shoots to him, and backed him with his insurance company. To see these reviews--which were just brought to our attention by another customer--is truely shocking, since we thought he was our friend and loyal customer. We won't address every single allegation in this posting (although we would be happy to do so if anyone wants to hear about each and every one of them; you can e-mail us privately), but we will address the dash end vent cover issue. We were the ones who pointed out that he was actually missing these vent covers, since with a car as nice as his is, seeing that it was missing these parts when we first laid eyes on his car really stuck out. When we pointed this out, he asked us if we had any for sale, and we told him that unfortunately those parts are NLA and that we were totally out of used ones. He was so upset that he couldn't get these parts from us to complete his car--which he didn't realize he was missing anyway until we brought it up--that he actually went to the police station and claimed to them that we had stolen these parts off his car, in an attempt to extort the parts out of us! We of course denied that allegation, since if we had stolen his parts we would not have been the ones to tell him they were missing, and the police agreed with us that our accuser was the kind of person they didn't take seriously so we shouldn't worry about it either. We thought that was the end of it. But obviously it wasn't, as now he's 'gone public' with his NLA BMW parts extortion attempt! All we can say is that if we had those vent covers in stock, we'd sure be giving them to him free of charge to lower his blood pressure and stop this nonsense. And we'd like to say that he's always welcome to stop by and get still another used fuel sending unit to see if that one will keep him from running out of gas, or to get his broken original one and try that again....And he's welcome to go through our big pile of 1600 owner's manuals that we haven't sold one of in 8 years to find the one he's supposedly missing,...And so on with everything else. Regards, 2002AD
  5. We just want to clarify that we are NOT out of used doors, as was mistakenly reported here. We just counted 48 of them in our inventory, including both early and late, and that total doesn't include those on the several cars we have not yet parted-out either. Let us know if you need any. Regards, 2002AD
  6. Yes, as others here have pointed out, this car is physically in the UK, but its owner has asked us to market it for him in the US. The price we have for it, which is in $, was set when he asked us to help sell the car, which was a while ago. We have no control over its price in the UK, before or currently. Regards, 2002AD
  7. 2002AD

    2002 AD

    Robert, We have had 2 good used doors pulled from our inventory and ready to ship to you now for about 10 days. We replied to your 8/22 e-mail about your order on 8/22, asking you to confirm whether or not you wanted any other parts shipped with your door shells (glass, regulators, vent frames, etc.) but didn't hear back from you. So we e-mailed you again on 8/25 with the same request, but haven't yet received a reply. We need to get a written confirmation from you so we can send exactly what you want to your body shop in SD, because you are in Holland and won't be there to receive our shipment. We'll charge your card and ship your order just as soon as we get your reply. Regards, 2002AD
  8. 2002AD

    2002AD ?

    For the record, this customer placed his order with us 3 weeks ago today--not the "couple of weeks" plus another "several weeks" that he inferred that he has been waiting. His special-order part, which we get from Germany, is on the way to us now and yes it is taking longer than we estimated when we talked to him but it will arrive very soon. And we did give him the option of getting the rest of his order right away, for no extra shipping charge, but he made the choice to receive it altogether. Also, he has not paid for his order yet, as he stated. When his parts come in we will charge his card and ship them to him. Rather than repeatedly complaining about something I, or more likely, one of my predecessors did with an order you placed with 2002AD in the past, may I encourage those of you on this Forum with a problem to please e-mail me directly so that I can try to make things right. Thank you in advance for giving me that opportunity. Ben 2002AD bmwsales@2002AD.com
  9. Dan, Like Tony advised in another reply to this thread, if you just wanted status on your parts order, perhaps you should've just e-mailed or called 2002AD first, rather than going to the FAQ Forum for this information. How are they supposed to know what's happening with your part? Anyway, to go into more detail than we did on the phone to you, when you did call us today, your steering box seal is not something we usually stock--since most of the steering box requests we get are for either one of our good used boxes or else our rebuilt boxes. So we had to special-order your part, and it's taking awhile to get to us. However, we checked on it for you and found that it will arrive this week, and then we can mail it to you the day it arrives, so we're pretty sure you'll get it by the weekend. So, to answer the question why is 2002AD so slow to ship? Sometimes it's the nature of the part (as above), sometimes it's one of our suppliers' issues, and yes, sometimes it's just us. We've gone from being a 15-person company to being basically a one man show, due to mistakes made by former owners and due to the economic situation both past and present. So for one person to try and keep up with the constantly-ringing phone and mountain of daily e-mail from parts customers, and still write all of the service work every day, coordinate the on-going car restorations and sell more 2002s than any other company can be a pretty daunting task. We do the best we can, though, and are constantly striving to do better. Thank you for your support. Ben 2002AD
  10. 2002AD

    Wanted 1973 stock factory steering wheel

    I have one. Please email me.
  11. 2002AD

    WTBa 13" tire for a spare

    Email me at flyingboat@ymail.com. Seeing that you're in Sierra Madre, I can even meet up with you to drop it off. Send me an email. Thanks Greg
  12. 2002AD

    WTB: Tii Clock - Mechanical

    Email me at flyingboat@ymail.com. We have one.
  13. 2002AD

    Alpina front air-dam

    Did you get your air dam? If not, email me flyingboat@ymail.com Thanks. Greg 2002ad.com Pomona, CA
  14. 2002AD

    saddle rear seat

    Saddle is the HOT color! I have a used set top and bottom for $300 plus shipping, or just the top for $150 plus shipping. Email me at flyingboat@ymail.com Greg 2002ad Pomona, CA
  15. 2002AD

    WTB: standard 2002 gas pedal

    Fred, I've got one for $35 shipped. Used and in excellent condition. Let me know! Greg 2002ad Pomona, CA