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  1. Morning '02

    Hell of a response to your Ad huh?  Bet you never expected it. 


    Can we co-ordinate Pick-up?  What would work for you?  Weekdays or weekends?  Don't think we should wait to long 'cause holiday events are fast approaching.  (I'm working on the next few days.)


    My phone number is 847-844-3822. 




    PS:  Are you the guy who stuffed a M-5 V-8 under the hood of an '02? 

    1. 2002Monster


      Hey Mac, 


      I sold my 2002 last July...so like 18 months ago....I've had 92 2002s over the past 20 years....yes 92....


      The guy in Walled Lake, MI who did the S62 transplant actually bought the car from me a couple years ago. 


      He contacted me maybe a year ago showing me result.....I didn't like it...and thought it was gaudy and equivelent to throwing money out the window.  I like original cars with some period improvements......not stuffing a monster engine into it.......nevertheless, 


      Weekends work best for me....I work weekdays.


      Let me get some pics of the windshields one night this week.


      Not really worried about the holidays....not going anywhere at all.

    2. mac


      I'll await your pictures. .............

      Kinda tough getting a pic of a piece of glass isn't it?  What's there to see?  They're transparent.


      As long as they aren't chipped of cracked.  But FunElan would like one marked DuraGlass(sp?).


      Wait to hear from you. 


      [email protected]




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