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  1. Goodness Tom! You've done it again - beautiful. I'm jealous. No. Envious - indeed. Great job! Best, MS in Kuwait
  2. Ryan - If you end up parting out the car - I will buy the front seats (Recaros) from you. Maybe some other stuff too. I'd buy the whole car but where I live in Southern CA there is no more room. Nice find! Be home for by Halloween. Regards, Marc in Iraq
  3. Yes Sir - I remember that feeling back in late '07 when I used the 02 as a daily, but it has been so long things starting to become vague. Reading your post brought back memories of euphoria. Thanks. Enjoy!
  4. I plan on doing the same thing. Buying and wrenching with modern features to include HPs. I better get at least two cars for my kids; I had a bunch of brothers and when my Pops gave away good stuff I was too young to get any of it - sort of affected me. I will not let that happen to my guys. Circa '76 sounds good! Right now I just don't have enough garage space or I'd pull the trigger on another one. Lucky you.
  5. Nice retort! lol. Sweet.... Apparently you like to go fast - in style of course. Best, MS
  6. Andy - Did you fix all your wife's cars up or did you luck out and purchase them as is? Gosh they look nice....
  7. Esty - Thank you. I am bias to the lime green, but it does not look bad. That interior is smoking hot - the door panel, new carpet, bitchin steering wheel and white gauges. You know this site makes me aware of all the car stuff I don't have. Save me a carpet kit - now all I have to do is decide whether it's going to be straight black, salt and pepper or laced up with some hints of orange or gray. My car is technically Colorado but you have to look close - that is why I put the "a" instead of "e" in tangarine, darn thing is in between. When I get home and settled in - I'll email you to see what you have. Marc
  8. Ray - Yes I saw that show once. It was an episode covering the neighborhood south of downtown LA - Adams/Jefferson area. Sometimes you get lucky, still waiting on my turn. I have not seen any Isettas on the street in LA but saw two up in the Bay. Best, MS
  9. Andy - Damn! Judging by the looks of those houses, especially the one behind the Schwartz rod - ain't no recession around there. You can't just get another one but don't sell the coupes. What ever happened to that bright lime green truck you was building? Goodness I liked the color although purist probably don't subscribe to my line of thinking. It's been awhile but I thought you lived in the rural open space (junk yard) area. No pun intended. The description is more like my garage. Thanks Andy! Keep em' coming.... Marc in Iraq
  10. Well after 3 attempts I finally completed the contribution. Yes. I have been a member for sometime so it was long....overdue. This website is simply great for people like me and more....proud owner of a cult classic. It has certainly peaked my interest and I sincerely appreciate all the folks - good and evil who have opened my eyes to the many joys and insights to being a quasi-mechanic. Long live BMW 2002 FAQ.... Thanks! Marc in Iraq
  11. Ray - Put me down for one. I am good for it. Will pay like Wimpy on Tuesday ;o or better yet when I get home in later this year. Thanks!! Best, MS
  12. Colin - MS here from So. Cal. I am interested in the solid one piece version you are working on. Sure sounds like you have researched the pro/cons associated with having one on full time. Nice, great idea on the solid SS for the frame - looking forward to seeing the pictures! Best,
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