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  1. andrey


  2. Yes, that prompted me to make a BaT account (ayb) so I can warn people there. The other poster, Reno, is a friend of mine who owned it right after me and he's trying to inform the BaT crowd as well.
  3. Well, I'm a prior owner, and I can talk, and his claims are almost all false. If someone wants them, I have photos during my ownership, service records, details on all of my modifications and such, etc. I'm really sad to see our old clunky daily driver 02 being resold like this and I hope that whoever buys it (if anyone does at all) doesn't wind up regretting it since it's being heavily misrepresented. At the price he's hoping for, I am confident you can find a better 2002 to buy. We loved the car when we owned it but it is what it is and it was never a high-dollar original 02.
  4. Heck I can send you my own records via google doc. The carpets were done by my sister's boyfriend, they're the cheap junky kit someone used to sell on the 02faq and that's where he bought it, they're basically office carpet. The front seats are 320 units i got for free from a faq'er when my stock seats fell apart, you'll notice I didn't even bother to remove the redundant seat belt receivers The engine burned a ton of oil and needed going through (rings, valve stem seals, the usual). I was good about oil changes and other maintenance but it is what it is. The carb was really tired and needed to be rebuilt (Weber 32/36), one of the last things I did was to finally install a stock air cleaner over it, which unfortunately hides the carb. Here are photos of us redoing the front suspension: https://plus.google.com/photos/102918008620512795495/albums/5306099189786757633?banner=pwa ...the front subframe was damaged when I bought the car, and one control arm was bent (they must have hit a boulder or something). The Golf is stock, not a color change, the black paint all over the engine bay is how it came, some idiot prior to me did that probably to control surface rust. On the plus side, a friend of mine built the stainless exhaust on it (and it's an OK exhaust) and the custom radiator too. He was going to produce them in quantity but didn't end up doing it. The car has a Crane unit that I had installed, I also put in upgraded headlights (with relays) and other usual 02 mods. Still, nothing like the seller describes! It was just my wife's cute daily driver car.
  5. This is my old car! It's not at all how it's described in this ad. Please contact me if you want more details but I owned it in SF and Seattle before selling it to a friend who repainted it (and did other improvements) and then sold it to whoever is flipping it on eBay. It was in two accidents when I owned it, it was rear-ended and fixed badly before I bought it. The engine has tons of miles and burns lots of oil. Very little is "original" on it, I put in 320 seats and other stuff as needed. It was just a decent daily driver for us, not some kind of restoration candidate. There's also a rust hole in the front lip under the bumper (not a huge deal but it's there). Here are some old photos: https://plus.google.com/photos/102918008620512795495/albums/5263951720412372417?banner=pwa I also have photos showing accident damage, etc. but I haven't uploaded them anywhere public.
  6. Hi folks. I'm working on getting rid of the two-door cars that we own for the foreseeable future so these are available in Seattle. 1. Opel Kadett B wagon, 1.9L CIH with 4-speed, $1400 http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/3978368732.html It does run and drive though it needs work. I'd like to sell this first. 2. We have a '72 Golf yellow 2002 that's in decent shape (brought up here with us from San Francisco) though it's a it cosmetically challenged (one front fender is tan, one door is black primer, the hood has a ding, etc). It runs and drives fine (though I'm about to replace the clutch master and slave, I think one is leaking a little) but has a lot of miles on it. It was my wife's daily driver until recently when she switched to the Bavaria for its 4-door convenience. Comes with brand new (BMW OEM) door seals, spare engine, rebuilt head, and a 5-speed if someone wants those for the right price too. If there's interest, please contact me, I'm not going to actively try to sell it until the Opel is gone. Year: 1970 Make: Opel Model: Kadett
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxase0srrlt5eki/Photo%20Mar%2023%2C%201%2057%2028%20PM.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/qq1sw2kwl7ouzmw/Photo%20Mar%2023%2C%201%2055%2016%20PM.jpg I got these with an E21 2.0 engine and won't be using them. They're really nicely made and will accept EV6 fuel injectors. I can include the lower manifold piece as well but I don't have the E21 "log" top piece and throttle (they're easy to find). This "setup" has never been run so I can't promise you that it's a good idea or will work... the welds look really good though. $60 shipped from Seattle, WA.
  8. I know this is a little old but curious if you got anywhere with this idea I test-fitted it and bench-tested it (mostly to see how well it pushes warm air and to see how much current it draws), haven't installed it yet because I want to pull the rear window out anyway and replace the seal and lock strip but other things got ahead in the queue. I'll try to get it done some time in the next month or two.
  9. We're both in Seattle, I'll be happy to help in-person, email me at yurovsky at gmail.com and we'll get in touch. We could also swap some parts between cars and see what's failing (ex: ignition coil).
  10. If it's a '71, does it have a manual choke? Do you know how to use it properly? ; ) Look for a choke lever opposite the ignition key in the steering column. Have you checked for fuel leaks, especially at the start of the rubber hose in the engine bay by the firewall? The pump will suck air and it'll be hard to get fuel to the carb if that hose starts to leak. Is you ignition system in good shape? Are the points recent? Condenser? Have you tried swapping in a spare ignition coil to see if there's any difference? A failing coil will cause hard starting. Are the spark plugs in good shape? New cap and rotor? Keep in mind most fuel problems are ignition : ) Good luck.
  11. Nope, they were all round light, even post 73.
  12. Nissan Sentra cup holders via eBay, some metal brackets from a piece of junk furniture, a dremel, and some JB weld : ) These actually work great and don't interfere with the shifter and they're hardly noticeable when closed.
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