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  1. Looking to buy a differential for a 1972. Does not need to be limited slip. Open, stock is fine. Prefer pickup within 100 miles of Lancaster, PA.
  2. I'm looking for a driveshaft shop fairly close to Central Pennsylvania that can shorten, weld a new flange and balance my driveshaft. Has anyone had any experience with someone in the Mid-Atlantic area? Thanks. Kurt Strause
  3. Looking to convert from an "early" style shift selector rod to a late model selector as part of my 5 speed conversion project. Email at kstrause at comcast dot net. Kurt Strause Lancaster, PA Location: Lancaster, PA USA
  4. I'm looking for a 3 bolt flange from an E21 that I can weld onto my existing 2002 driveshaft for a five-speed conversion. Kurt Strause Location: Lancaster, PA USA
  5. Looking to buy a clutch fork for a Getrag 245 and a 3 bolt flange to weld onto my driveshaft. Location: Lancaster, PA USA
  6. Oops. Sorry about that. I recently changed service providers and my email changed. I've updated my profile with the new one. It's kstrause at comcast dot net. Kurt Strause
  7. Well, right now I don't have anything. Starting from scratch. So, I guess I need everything needed to make it happen. What do you have, as specifically as possible. Kurt Strause
  8. After 4 happy years of driving my '72, I've decided to start the process of sourcing the various parts needed for a 5-speed conversion. So I'm putting out the WTB on the major pieces: transmission and an upgrade from the standard 3.64:1 differential. I'd consider the 3.90:1 or a limited slip. Preferably I'd like to stay fairly local to my home in Central Pennsylvania and not deal with long distance shipping. But I'd be willing to drive a couple of hours to look and pick up. If you have anything that would be a candidate please contact me at: kstrause at comcast dot net. Thanks. Kurt Strause
  9. Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate it. I soldered a little jumper wire on the switch from the spade bit that turns on the headlights to the spade bit that turns on the dash lights. I don't have the dimmer function but the dash lights now work. c.d.-thanks for the dimmer advice. I took out the switch and sprayed about 1/4 can of tuner contact cleaner in there rotating the knob. It still didn't seem to help. I can live without the dash lights dimming. They're not that bright anyway. Kurt Strause
  10. Thank you, but I've come up with a workable solution. Kurt Strause
  11. I need one that looks like the picture. It has the wires bound together in a single plug that fits onto the switch. Does anyone have one for a reasonable price? Kurt Strause
  12. Here's a picture of my headlight switch which I believe has failed as far as sending current to the instrument cluster lights. The switch works in turning on and off the headlights. I have continuity from the wire that plugs into the switch back to the cluster, and I have continuity between the cluster bulbs and the pin to which the round plug fits on the back of the cluster. So, I think its the switch. Do these things fail in such a specific manner? This switch feels pretty beefy and seems like it would be the last thing to fail on the car. I cleaned the switch well with contact cleaner, but there doesn't look like there's any way to take it apart and check it further. I've probably answered my own question, but if anyone has any ideas before I go over to WTB I'd appreciate it. Kurt Strause
  13. Here's where I had my Becker Europa rebuilt. They did a nice job. http://www.beckerautosound.com/
  14. Thanks for the replies. My '02 was my first attempt at taking an old car and making it drivable. Along the way I kept thinking to myself, "I bit off more than I could chew." The only thing that got me through were the resources from this board; parts, encouragement, that body of knowledge which resides in numerous others who traveled down the road ahead of me. So, I'm a little reluctant to take on a project where the knowledge base and the resources aren't as deep as they are for the beloved 2002's. I suppose the appeal of these 700's is that they are that much more rare and the satisfaction that might come from saving at least one (for that's my initial thought to take two and turn them into one good car) and bringing it back on the road. I get a lot of comments (as do all of you, I'm sure) like "wow, I sure which I still had my 2002." I think it might be kind of cool to hear, "what in the world is that? A BMW? No way." Kurt Strause
  15. And I use the term loosely. Came across these in a shed in back of a local mechanic's shop. They are tightly packed in among an assortment of MG's, Fiats, maybe an old Toyota (I think). It's hard to tell exactly what condition they're in because they're buried behind several other vehicles. I imagine the usual caveats apply to these cars as to any other old BMW. Is there any appeal to these? I mean, does anyone even drive them? I can't say I've ever seen one, though there is at least some information out there on the web. But what about parts, community support, that ill-defined "awe, look how cute that tiny car is." And then there's that rip-roaring two cylinder boxer engine. Zoom zoom. Still, there's just something a little crazy about this that's getting under my skin. Talk some sense into me. Kurt Strause

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