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  1. Need front hood pads. Please IM me. Thanks.
  2. Mine has a hard time retracting so if anyone has one that's smooth, please let me know via IM. Thanks.
  3. Man I am looking for the same in NOVA. Few rust spots.
  4. I bought their hi cooling radiator last June and you will need lower hose for 1502 part # 11 53 1 266 452.
  5. I installed a set of H4 LED's on my Hella H4 housings (euro) last fall and the lighting is much better than the Philip's halogen's I had prior. I also have the same on my Porsche 993 but beam pattern is far better due to ellipsoid lens. My 335d has factory Xenons which is much brighter, sharper than the 2002 but still a great cheap $30-40 upgrade not $180 which I find ridiculous.
  6. I have a set of sports w/ H&R on my car but need Billy HD's to soften things up as I am enjoying my car more around town..If anyone has an excellent set laying around or rears at the moment that they don't need, anymore please text me with price and pics at 301.502.0034. TIA.
  7. I've had a 38/38 on my stock rebuilt motor for the past twenty years and not one issue. Still drives great, pulls all the way to redline but make sure you get the one set up for your engine (jets). I recall getting it from Top end or Redline, it ran perfect out of the box. Would never go back to 32/36 which is sitting in the basement.
  8. I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery!
  9. Little confused here, does one need the El13L1 flasher with 3 prong adapter or will the CF13GL-02 LED Bulb Electronic Flasher from Superbright work? Thanks.
  10. My trunk lid badge has completely faded. It was fine, had cover on the car and next thing I notice this weekend is that it's all silver now. Anyone have a decent spare for sale at a fair price? Can pay via PayPal. Thanks.
  11. The bottom steering pad on my '76 2002 on the key side had deteriorated (from rubbing) so need one that's all covered and intact. #1 on the photo. Please IM me if you have a used one with no tears. Thanks.
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