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  1. Sorry, already sold. I had it on ebay a few weeks ago, never got one bid. I should have posted here, with a link to ebay! Thanks, John
  2. PayPal is preferred. PM me and I'll give you account info.
  3. I have an Owner's Handbook that I no longer need. I'll mail it to you for $10 Some slight water damage, noticeable from the back, but not the front. Here's a photo of front and back, with a couple of random pages inside. PM me if you're interested John
  4. My daughter took this pic a few days ago in Big Bear CA. She said that dog was meaner than a wolverine! She said the 02 was pretty nice, The owner wasn't around. I think he's going to be pissed when he sees the scratches from the dog!
  5. You say your battery light is grounded. That's a problem. Here's what you need: switched battery to feed the battery light, then instead of grounding the bulb, you need to terminate the circuit at the D+ terminal at the alternator. It's really that simple. Try this: put a jumper from the positive battery terminal to the D+ terminal and have someone start the car. Remove the jumper a few seconds after the car starts, then check your voltage across the battery terminal. You should have 13.5-14V. That will confirm that this is the problem, and it will give you a hands-on feel for how simple the fix is. John
  6. I just fixed a charging problem on my E3, maybe you've got the same problem. The alternator needs battery voltage on the D+ terminal to "excite" the alternator, i.e. create a magnetic field. Without it, the alternator will not create current to charge the battery. The D+ terminal gets it's voltage from the instrument panel battery/charging indicator lamp circuit. When you switch on the key, the lamp lights and provides excitation current to the alternator. After the alternator output voltage exceeds the battery voltage, the circuit is broken and the indicator light goes off. Make sure you've got battery voltage at the D+ terminal when the key is on position. In my case, I had an open in the circuit between the instrument panel and the alternator. I ran a bypass wire and fixed the problem.
  7. I highly recommend him also, but he is a one-man operation, and he can't always respond as quickly as you might like. Be patient, and he'll come through for you.
  8. Thanks for passing this along Chris. Marta and I are sad to hear the news. John
  9. Update - Sold! Very, Very good condition. I'd hesitate to call it "excellent", because it obviously has some wear. Will bolt right on to your 2002. Asking $175. I really don't know what it's worth. Make me a reasonable offer if you think I'm asking too much, but please don't lowball, because I'm not going to give it away. Let me know if you need more pictures or have other questions. email me. John
  10. Wow Tom, those ITB's are awesome! How does it run compared to the 318i manifold? I'm guessing that your torque curve shifted to the right. The entire car looks fantastic! John
  11. For Sale - Used IE radiator. It's about four years old, but hasn't been used for the last two years. I replaced it with a Silicon Garage radiator to retain the traditional look and just never got around to listing it for sale. It's in excellent condition and has maybe 10,000 to 15,000 miles on it. It's perfectly clean inside, as it ran on BMW coolant in a clean, rebuilt engine. New ones cost $350. I'd like to get $200 for it, but I'll take the best offer. I'm in SoCal. Email me back through the system if you're interested. John C.
  12. Wow. Lookin' good Tom! Get it done and drive it to the SoCal meet!
  13. I second this. You cannot tune the car without the O2 sensor.
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