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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I checked the stub axle and thankfully that black line was just dirt/grease. Whew! Checking on realoem.com it looks like the dims/parts are the same between my 4/1968 production and later models. Thanks, Alan
  2. I'm in the process of redoing the suspension and brakes on my '68 1600 and am ready to order new wheel bearings. My strut housings do not have any brake tab and when I pulled the rotor off, the outer bearing is a tapered roller bearing. My VIN is 1564823, and I've searched on the FAQ but am still confused since I thought maybe I'd be dealing with a smaller INNER bearing. Can I just order the standard wheel bearing kit from IE or is there another magical setup I need to be using? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the responses. Although I can take it down to the store and “see what fits”, I was thinking this has been done before and the information might be easily available. My local parts stores aren’t the most helpful or well stocked, so it’d be easier to simply ask for one for a specific model. Unfortunately the clear boot is NLA from BMW dealer, and the ones available are considerably more expensive than the prices you’re quoting, thus the desire to find a more cost effective alternative. I’ve got a concurrent WTB thread going to potentially swap in an evenly spaced 6 bolt CV since mine are drilled for it, but was hoping to just reuse what’s there without buying the more costly clear boot.
  4. The clear sliding joint boot on the DS of my '68 1600-2 is destroyed beyond recognition, and the new clear boots are out of my budget at the moment. Does anyone know what year/make/model replacement black rubber CV boots can be used? Do the ones from a later model 2002 fit? Also, once replaced with a regular CV boot do I just pack it with grease or do I need to use the gear oil if I go this route? Thanks! Alan
  5. azee

    WTB Half Shaft

    Looking for a single or pair of half shafts in good condition. My '68 1600's clear "boot" has been shredded for some time and since the part is NLA and it's already drilled to accept the newer style, I might as well update it with the traditional CV setup. My PS one seems to be in decent shape so I could be okay with buying one side only. Located in SF Bay Area, CA Thanks! Alan
  6. Hit me up again, DTMLGND. No PM received.
  7. Sorry Bibm5 - located in Clayton, CA!
  8. Need room in my garage! Up for grabs are a set of (4) 15x7 (maybe 8?) ET20 Enkei 92's that originally came off my '68 1600. They come complete with ancient BFG Euro TA's in 205/50/R15. Wheels are in pretty rough shape but streetable. Tires are unusable. Asking $60. Local pick up only. Thanks!
  9. Yup, Enkei Apache... I want to say it's also followed by a number like V, or IV? I've got a set of those in 13", and I know Esty used to (still does?) have them on her car as well. Alan
  10. Sorry to semi-hijack, but a quick question about the chrome loop. Where does it go? My 68 1600 with original Klippan belts does not have this loop. Thanks, Alan
  11. Sport seats from a 1991 318is available in SF Bay Area (Oakland, specifically). Purchased these a couple of months ago from fiftytakedowns here on the forum. Ended up scoring a set of aftermarket recaro's a few weeks later, so these ones have to go. Local p/u only, please. I paid $150 for them, so that's what I'd like to get for them. Thanks, Alan
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