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  1. Details details details, not to beat a dead horse but for that price I’d expect the dash to fit correctly. And I’m not even trying to find things wrong. Good night.
  2. On car body the mounting area L-bracket at top near door is pointed. I ground off a little material here making it more rounded to prevent any interference with the fender ear tabs (at least that’s what I called them). I also used a spot weld (on final install) to pull the fender in place near the rocker seam to prevent any issues with lines as previously mentioned. Overall I really didn’t have any surprises I wouldn’t expect with trying to mount fenders on a 52 year old car. I made a lot of minor modifications here and there to meet my satisfaction. Good luck
  3. I wouldn’t want to force the crap back through the system. I recently rebuilt some calipers and they had some gross sludge looking stuff inside.
  4. I seriously thought about going that route but really wanted to keep things original looking. Nothing wrong with struts though.
  5. I wonder why they removed the IE front sway bar but left the bracket. I do see one in the factory location though.
  6. Nice pictures everyone, I'm really enjoying them. Jimk great pictures, I like the German Export plates.
  7. Mine was going strong for 11 years before I sold my 72. They make a 6V one to. I'll probably try that when I'm ready to buy one.
  8. I am happy to report my hood torsion bar is installed and working well. I guess taking a break from it helped me to revisit it with a clear mind. I am not really sure what I did different. Maybe by adjusting the hood before installing the bar helped me. The only thing I modified a little were the fender tabs that the torsion arms attach to. I noticed my original fenders have the holes mounted further down closer to the top of the fender than my Restoration Design fenders do. I made these holes larger, minor adjustments to the torsion bar here really helps with final fender gap adjustments. Anyway I am very happy with the gaps I achieved and happy to have my hood-bar installed like it came from the factory. That’s some fine engineering. Thank-you all. Stace
  9. Thank you for the suggestions. In my photos the hood is still attached to the rope I used to mount it prior to any adjustments. Hardware installed only to hold hood in place. Now that I have the hood aligned without the torsion bar I will give it another try this weekend. I think a fresh approach will help a lot. Thank you all.
  10. Here you can see the torsion arms look normal. I pulled the bar off later and didn’t take any additional pictures. Thanks
  11. I wish I could say “everything fit” before paint. The first thing I did after purchasing the car was get out the cut-off wheel to remove the hideous nose damage. My diamond in the rough. Everything is aligned nicely except that torsion bar.
  12. So I spent 6 frustrating hours mounting my hood yesterday. Balancing the hood on top of a boogie board balanced on top if a tool chest while securing it to a rope attached to a support above my garage door was the easy part. The frustration came from attaching the torsion bar. Yes I even read the PDF article by Dubois. No matter what I did I could not keep the torsion bar arms from hitting the top of the fenders. The worst part is the hood would not even come down all the way in the rear. I finally took the bar off, if I had a neighbor with a pool that bar would be sitting at the bottom of it right now. I think the hood is aligned pretty well now without the bar. What a PITA, maybe I will leave the bar off and use a rod to keep it up. I read a bunch of post about arms hitting fender, but my hood won’t even close down at all with the arms attached, and alignment gets way off. Maybe I will revisit this problem some other time, but I really need a break from the hood-bar now. I am open to suggestions however, and thanks in advance. Stace
  13. Not today but close enough. Painted my hood finally.
  14. Crystal Cove toward Laguna Beach? Doesn’t get any better. Perfect weather, except that red tide smell. Car looks great!
  15. Friends let’s not make this a photo gallery. As much as I like looking I also want to know what size tires, wheels, offset suspension mods as well. Thank you, now carry on😀
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