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  1. Too bad the rodents got to it first. The inner fender below the vin plate is a nice home for them to. The only way to access that area is to cut it open, which looks like what will need to be done anyway to replace the rusted metal the mice caused there. I hate mice to.
  2. Subscribed. Congratulations on your new project.
  3. Sorry, you are right. You want 51-14-5-480-182 good luck with your search.
  4. Here is one place you can get that. 51-14-1-801-560 https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/bmw-rear/51141801560/
  5. This looks like the same car from BAT in 2015. Different plate number, but same crease down drivers door. Sad if it is the same, looks like its had a rough 4 years. I was sorry I wasn't in a position to buy it at the time for $5,500. https://bringatrailer.com/2015/04/23/black-plate-1969-bmw-1600/
  6. Munich, do you have pictures to share of the museum? Have fun
  7. WTB hood NOS or rust free/dent free excellent used. I’m in San Marcos San Diego CA area. Early style hood preferred for my 67 but will consider any as long as it’s straight and rust free. I just wasted a bunch of time stripping paint off the last used hood I bought to find out it has a lot of filler hiding a low spot and other defects I can’t live with. Thank you friends.
  8. I just paid $112 for a pair of hood bar brackets. Surprisingly nobody had these lying around and responded to my WTB add. Just wait til the crooks figure out what a nice set of grills go for now.
  9. Somebody got a good deal.
  10. Power windows, Tinted glass looks good
  11. I am looking to buy hood bar holders and the aluminum spacers left and right that go between the early bumbers and bracket. Thank you friends
  12. Nice but I'm more interested in whats cooking on the rotisserie.
  13. VWvortex has good build threads for Mk1 and 2. And for j-tin Japanese nostalgic car has some fun articles to read.

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