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  1. I like your exhaust system. Curious if it’s the stainless turbo from Wallothnesch? Thanks
  2. Thanks for sharing, your car looks great. Sounds like you had everything well sorted before the trip.
  3. Please get yourself checked out. 67’s don’t have headrest. You may be feeling the effects from this in the days to come. Sorry this happened.
  4. Interesting it has embossed front hood trim. I need that for my 67.
  5. You need to remove the head. The rings are probably rusted to the cylinder walls and seized to pistons. A BFH will free it up. If you tap the piston tops the stuck one will make a different sound. Give it a good blow with a block of wood between hammer and piston. Unless someone else has a better idea good luck. If your really lucky maybe you can get by for a while with a re-hone and new rings. But what do I know.
  6. Getting the nut off is the easy part. Wait til you try to separate it. Do you have a pickle fork?
  7. Darn, I came here looking for crushed roof pictures.
  8. 72pdx02

    E30 Bottlecap

    Personally I like bottlecap’s. No offense to those offering to sell, but funny how a wheel few like suddenly has value when somebody wants to buy. Mike you might find these for free if you dredge your local watering hole. Or neighbors pool (I’m only being funny) Good luck.
  9. Too bad the rodents got to it first. The inner fender below the vin plate is a nice home for them to. The only way to access that area is to cut it open, which looks like what will need to be done anyway to replace the rusted metal the mice caused there. I hate mice to.
  10. Subscribed. Congratulations on your new project.
  11. Sorry, you are right. You want 51-14-5-480-182 good luck with your search.
  12. Here is one place you can get that. 51-14-1-801-560 https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/bmw-rear/51141801560/
  13. This looks like the same car from BAT in 2015. Different plate number, but same crease down drivers door. Sad if it is the same, looks like its had a rough 4 years. I was sorry I wasn't in a position to buy it at the time for $5,500. https://bringatrailer.com/2015/04/23/black-plate-1969-bmw-1600/
  14. Munich, do you have pictures to share of the museum? Have fun

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