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  1. Hi, Looking for a decent right/passenger side rear brake backing plate in decent shape for 2002/230mm brakes. Thanks, Cort--gratteau@gmail.com
  2. HI, Looking for a decent accelerator arm that attaches to the accelerator pedal at the pedal box, #7 in the diagram, the spring #9 would be nice as well. Thanks, Cort
  3. Ok, Thanks PapaG for the reassurance and I'll rely on wisdom that far exceeds my meager common sense. I'm done obsessing about it. Time to re-assemble them...
  4. I did buy four washers from a vw outfit and they have too much side to side play for my liking. Sent an email to Jaymic to see if they'll sell just the washers as I don't need the entire kits...otherwise putting them back together and not worry about it...
  5. Hey, For Sale, Ireland Engineering front and rear sway bars. The rear bar was mounted on the sub-frame but never driven, it has some dings, the front was never mounted but probably has a ding or two being moved around. All the mounting hardware is there, no rear sub-frame tabs. $300 + shipping, Thanks, Cort
  6. Ha !! Malden has a new schnauze...(in hot water worked wonders, thanks for that !!) Cort
  7. Good idea, I need to do some plastic surgery on Karl Malden's nose...
  8. Ok, I can't get that bugger on there with dawn/silicon lube, partial herniations, should I heat it up?
  9. Yep, you are correct on the diameters. Dawn it is and "twist & shout". Thank-you !! Cort
  10. Hey, How in the world do you get these on? One end the hole is too large and it will literally just fall off and the other end seems way too small to fit over the "mushroom" fitting but the small end has an interior lip that suggests that it has to go that way...lube and ?? Thanks, Cort
  11. Hey, Free adjustable rear sub-frame, no trailing arms or adjusting bolts. No shipping but occasionally make it to Milwaukee/Chicago area or you can pick it up in Oshkosh, WI any time. Thanks, Cort
  12. I was planning to use basic 2002 calipers in the front. Now will those wheels fit over those or do I have to go with a e21, single piston non-vented caliper ? I don't have any front brake bits, or brake mc, so I can go with what works. As far as the rears go, I will then proceed to procure the bits for a 230mm set up. Turbo set up will just have to go on a different car. Thanks for the clarification so I don't make the same mistake twice. Thanks, Cort
  13. Hi, I am trying to figure out if early 4.5x13 inch steel wheels will fit over 230mm rear brake drums? I can't seem to find a satisfying answer. I now know they will not go over 250mm turbo drums, so I want to be sure before dropping more $$. I really want to use these rims/hubcaps on my 67 1602 with maybe a little better rear braking... Thanks, Cort
  14. Hi, Forgive my eye-sight or my aging computer's screen but are these black? Is shipping a possibility? Thanks, Cort
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