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  1. Found this in an advert but it's already sold http://www.astonmartin-lotus.com/inventory/recent_transactions?page_function=detail&transaction_id=585 anyone know who bought it? price?
  2. how does the folding mechanism work, Chris? pics? Chuck
  3. I would love to join in...but Sun am is tough for me. Maybe the afternoon? Or I'll catch you all on the next one. Chuck
  4. Don't know about Atherton Collision, but Schneiders does good work and they are familiar with 2002s. Alpine auto renovation is excellent but they are expensive, especially for rust repair.
  5. I bought Jabberjaw as the perfect car to drive. I have a few other coupes, low mile original, and two csls that I don't drive much. I think this will be perfect as a weekend driver, and for driving events. Once it got here I realized that although Alvin did a great job, the interior needed to be fixed before I would be happy. New wood, recovering a few bits, new headliner, new stereo, new air conditioning and then a megasquirt conversion to handle the extemes of temp/altitude we have up here. It should be sweet. I drove the car out from UT with my 12 yo son and had a blast. I'll pick it up in Oct I hope when I'm driving out with some friends for a great week of driving to Half Moon Bay then down Highway1 to Newport Beach and Cars n Coffee before heading home. I'm driving out in our carrera gt but I can't wait to get back in the coupe. I still have my tii as well. ccr[/img]
  6. I'm going...see you at tgif. Hope others can come. ccr
  7. anyone have a set of cs coupe rocker mouldings new they want to sell? i know a lot of you have both sicknesses...thanks in advance ccr
  8. If you call Alpine restoration body shop they can give you the number for Justin who is a good interior guy who has helped me in the past. Chuck
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