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  1. You might consider caster/camber adjusters on your rear cross member. Recently watched my son do them on his e30 5 lug swap. It really helps.
  2. I made aluminum inserts and epoxied them into the wood. I turned some small ridges on the OD of the insert and used JB Weld. It worked great. I sold the car a while back to a kid who wanted to make a vintage race car.
  3. Just saw a very nice Chamonix(?) 2002 heading east on I 96 at the Grand River. Unless the guy I sold mine to last year did a miracle, I don't think I've seen it before. It was very nice. Anyone claim it? about 8:00 PM.
  4. I have too many projects and my 1976 2002 needs to go to a good home. Includes over $500 in spare parts, doors, fenders, bumpers, transmission, 32/36 Weber and manifold, ST lowering springs and more. Must be trailered. New brakes 10 years and 2 miles ago. Needs valve guides and valve seals. Located in West Michigan. Location: Grand Rapids, MI Year: 1976 Make: BMW Model: 2002 Body and Interior: stock Engine and Drivetrain: Stock except 32/36 Weber Suspension, Brakes: stock with extra ST Lowering springs included
  5. Is there some reason you don't want to use the cross over pipe?
  6. Have you checked your fuel pressure at the fuel rail? I believe fuel pressure requirements for injected motors is higher than carbs. On my M30B35 when the fuel pump was going out, I had a couple scary onramp fuel starvation episodes until I figured out what was going on. A bigger pickup tube won't solve the problem if the pump can't deliver the pressure you need. Haven't had the issue with the e30 318is or the e30 325is but have with the e30 M3.
  7. I listed my company name as "Biscuis is a Stud Inc" I hope the old guy is still around. I met him in person once and lived to buy more parts another day. It was a close call. I almost lost my shoelaces. And yes, I sent an e-mail with part numbers.
  8. Can you see the starwheel adjusters through a hole? Adjust them way back. If they start coming off and then get hung up, can you wind some wire around the brake shoes like a string around your finger to compress them tighter as you go around a few times. I've been working on several different BMW models at the same time so I apologize if the specifics are for an e30 or e34 parking brake.
  9. So are you re-drilling the rotor to the proper hole locations? What did Steve do with the s-14?
  10. online quote was $88.00. I don't have them packaged up and final weight yet. Does that sound about right?
  11. I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to ship some seats from MI to CO and approximate costs. Any one have any good ideas?
  12. With the scissors type, you put a reasonable amount of pressure on them then a small whack. Napa also has them. If you try to torque them all the way off by just tightening the bolt, you might cross thread the thing.
  13. I live in Grand Rapids but was in California while you were on your adventure.
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