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  1. Looking like I might need to have my Getrag 245 5 Speed rebuilt. Everything shifts smoothly as of now but the other day started making an interesting whining noise. Live in Sacramento but anywhere in the Bay would work as well. I'm probably going to pull it out myself if it will save some $$. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I'll be rolling from Sacramento around 7am if anybody is already caravanning
  3. Is the meetup spot the Starbucks near Ikea in W. Sac?
  4. I'm heading there from Sac as well. Were you meeting at the Sbux in Midtown?
  5. Cool let me know and i'll try to meet.
  6. Is anybody driving from the Sacramento Area that might want to caravan?
  7. Great event as always and nice to catch up with some fellow 02ers
  8. Congrats on the new gig Andrew. You were a huge help during my build. Cheers!
  9. Amazing artwork Kile. Are these going to be available at the show?
  10. North Bay Bavarian in Santa Rosa. Great guys and very knowledgeable.
  11. Is anybody planning on attending the SF Cars and Coffee event tomorrow at Treasure island? I'm caravaning from Sacramento with a couple others although i think I'm the only 02 in that pack.
  12. Loved the episode. Watched it twice last night lol. It honestly seemed like JS loved the car. So many of the episodes don't give enough credit to the car but this one did. So cool. Cheers
  13. Looks like a great show; wish I could have made it.
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