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  1. Searching for a caliper for Ti/SA #133, please let me know what you have email [email protected] Thanks Terry
  2. FS 5.85 Ring and pinion perfect condition 250 obo [email protected]
  3. could you email some photos to me at [email protected] Thanks Terry
  4. https://bmwmobiletradition-onlinecom.x-shops.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=ST12&mospid=47140&btnr=41_1167&hg=41&fg=10 looking for #2 left side
  5. Looking for left frame rail, let me know what you have [email protected]
  6. looking for a good working signal switch for 74 let me know what you have [email protected]
  7. that part is 51 weeks older than me.....Terry
  8. is it sold? I'm a buyer if you still have it
  9. does anyone have the black lower dash pad for a car without a radio, and the trim above it?
  10. The distributor with the vacuum advance is correct. The distributor can clearly be seen in the photo in the Ti/SA owners supplement. BMW used this dist and left the advance unit unplug as there is no port in the Ti/SA intake manifold. photo #4 on page 6 in supp ground strap goes from a boss on the C/R gearbox to the frame rail, there is also a strap from the back of head to the coil mounting bracket and one from below the battery to the block TISASupplement.pdf

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