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  1. Hello, CNC machined billet steel output flange for getrag 245. This is a new part. Tested in race cars, quality assured. A must have for 5 speed conversion on the 02(E10). Allows you to keep the original 02 rubber guibo when shortening the shaft. Very rare item. No longer available from BMW. This flange will fit both Overdrive(245/5) and Close-ratio(245/10) versions of the Getrag 245 5-speed. Supplied painted black. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Thank you!
  2. Hello, Have one. What is your best offer? You can reach me at diniscg g m a i l c o m. Regards, Dinis
  3. Hello, I´m a LSD diff builder in Europe. Maybe I can help. Mail me to diniscg g m a i l c o m. Dinis
  4. Tip: If you can turn the layshaft on a lathe you can use a regular ball bearing from SKF or so. Easy and cheap to get. I do this all the time when rebuilding with modified straight cut gears. I can find the reference when I get to the shop. Regards, Dinis
  5. Hello, Which one is the damaged bearing? Maybe I can help, have lots of parts for these gearboxes. Dinis
  6. Hello, For sale a Getrag 245 bellhousing for M20 baby six engines. This came from an euro 323i E21 car. Also selling on ebay (item 273706124620). A must have for properly doing a M20 conversion on the E21 and 02(E10). Very rare item. No longer available from BMW. This bellhousing will fit both Overdrive(245/5) and Close-ratio(245/10) versions of the Getrag 245. Worldwide shipping available, ask for your location. Airmail shipping to Europe costs 50$. Airmail Shipping to USA costs 80$. You can reach me at diniscg g m a i l c o m. Thank you!
  7. Hello,

    How much do you want for the TII booster, if you still have it.




    1. bmwbob89


      I sold it while back and marked it sold on the post.


      Dale Bob

  8. In America, with so many guns around, why not just shoot him??! Problem solved.
  9. Hello, Want to buy thicker sway bars, used or new, could be any maker, ST, Addco... Located 07105NJ. Will pay for shipping. Regards. Picon
  10. Good write up, altough I must add some info as a professional BMW LSD builder In my opinion the E21 lsd unit is stronger than the late E36 ("280"). Mind you that the sidebearings are sitting closer to each other on the E21. that´s an advantage. E21 diff housing is better because it has a bigger pinion bearing, just like 2002 turbo had. Don´t forget they used this diff on the euro 323i E21. I agree the E36 planetarys are better as they have the 23 teeth design for the friciton plates. You can put those inside the e21 lsd casing along with the proper E36 compression rings (and there are 2 versions!). That´s what I use on big torque aplication such as modified 323i´s or so, sometimes I have to go 4 discs(75%) otherwise it will desintegrate the discs tooth, specially using the recomended/modified ramp angle. I don´t understand why don´t you use a drift to hammer the sidebearings races out. It´s a piece of cake if you have a good quality drift punch. The same thing for the star plate, 2 whacks and it´s out... To put the new races in I use my big bench vice, piece of cake. Don´t try that with a crappy or small vice, you could damage it. Better of using a press or heat cold/heat then. Every bolt should locked with threadlocker Loctite, specially ringear bolts, ask me how I know this I recommend keeping everything spotless clean when reassembling. Be very carefull with crowngear teeth, becuase a minor dent, almost invisible, will cause MAJOR rumming and you willl be crazy trying to find out what´s causing it. Spacing shims should be cleaned with wirebrush, measure the thickness with a micrometer, specially if using the 6 bolt version(4 bolt version is a PITA to shim correctly even for me) Every particular ratio/housing assembly has a correct pinion shim to it. If you take a pinion/gear and install it on another housing you will be in big trouble if you don´t shim the pinion correctly. You will be very lucky if it turns out ok. Backlash should be checked with a dialgauge everytime! This is most important and if too much it can break pinion teeth and make an awful mess inside your diff, account on a complete rebuild if that happens. It´s not rocket science but you must be precise and pay attention to detail. And now my hijack: If you need modified ramp angles you can reach me at [email protected] or you can find me on ebay under "carbsandparts". Picon
  11. You have to machine were the input shaft bearing seats to accept the 245 5sp bearing. It´s pretty obvious once you have both parts in your hands. Not difficult or expensive. Picon
  12. Hello, I´m interested on the header and bilsteins, can you send some pics to my mail? [email protected] Thank you.
  13. I have one of those... check some old pics. Don´t know the manufacturer either... but Cahsel lists it as "G-Power" (?!). http://www.bmw02.de/GRP.74.0.html?&L=2&tx_tscahsel_pi1=3&cHash=a40db16c54
  14. Hello, If it´s possible to install a 188mm medium case diff then it´s great. If it´s only for the small case E30 diff then it´s pointless... E21 diffs even have a bigger inside pinion bearing than those of 02/E30/E36 small cases. Dinis
  15. What a digg... Sorry but you can´t use 79 CV´s(10mm) with 76 output flanges(8mm) unless you redrill but what´s the point? If you are lucky to get some 76 outputs you must use 02 CV´s(8mm holes). Plain stock 02 halfshafts(8mm) + 76 output flanges(8mm) = perfect bolt and length wise. Dinis
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