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  1. What is the part number of the Volvo cables and did this work? or better yet, which year and model Volvo? Thank you, Mario L.
  2. FS New SCHRICK 316 camshaft, brand new, this is a race cam, not for a street engine. M10 engine Credit Cards accepted email me at: Mario -at- VSR1.com 603-228-2888
  3. Price:: 550.00 Location: : Bow, NH VSR1.com Removed from a low mileage 1974 BMW 2002 with approx. 34K miles fully functioning automatic transmission, includes ALL parts, including brake pedal , speedo cable, shifter surround , torque plate, front section of driveshaft, I recently drove this car myself 300 miles before conversion to a manual gearbox. 603.228.2888 Mario L. VSR1.com
  4. This car runs STRONG as Andrew stated, and as others here have suggested it's a perfect donor for a serious restoration with LOTS of new panels and metal work, or a chassis transplant. You can't build a drive line like this for the money at the Buy It Now price! Mario L. VSR1.com
  5. Danco, If you are interested in selling the entire lot and just being done with it all, call me 603-228-2888 Mario L. VSR1.com
  6. Bruce, I would very much like to acquire one of these possibly both of these systems from you. Please try to reach out to me at my shop VSR1.com, 603.228.2888 Or by email at [email protected] I will also follow this up with a post directly to your email thank you, Mario L.
  7. Is this still available? If it is, please post me directly [email protected] or call 603.228.2888
  8. I have what you are looking for! And am not far away, you can drive up to get it! Mario L. 603.228.2888
  9. Friends, I am desperately seeking a perfectly good M10 2 Liter crankshaft. Cash and a UPS shipping tag is awaiting!! [email protected] 603.228.2888 Thank you! Mario L. VSR1.com
  10. Has this sold? If not, please contact me, let's make a deal. [email protected] 603.228.2888 Mario L.
  11. I'm looking for a set of side draft manifolds, or better yet, a set of slide throttles.... To go with the manifolds I'd like a set of 48 mm Weber DCOE Carbs... Any leads greatly appreciated! Mario L. [email protected] 603.228.2888
  12. I have an extra and we regularly ship to Australia. Post me directly: [email protected] Mario L.
  13. I have a complete engine, removed from a 1970 2002, to do an S14 install. I drove the car to the shop, it ran strong and smoothly. We were told at purchase of the car that the engine was rebuilt 10K miles ago, but have no proof. It is complete, flywheel, starter, alternator, exhaust manifold, with a single barrel carb, if you desire a 2 barrel I have several manifolds and carbs. Need the space, make a serious offer! We also have additional parts, 4 speed gear box, original exhaust ....... We can pallet ship this week..... Mario Langsten [email protected] 603.228.2888 Bow, NH 03304 Pay pal or credit cards
  14. I am restoring a 1600Gt and need to locate a complete intake set up from a 1600ti. All the parts are needed, manifolds, carbs, air box etc. Please post me directly at [email protected] or call me at 603.228.2888 Thank you! Mario L. www.VSR1.com Location: Bow, NH USA<br />
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