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  1. Thanks everyone. This has been very educational. I appreciate everyone's input. I'll probably end up buying an LED conversion kit. I have a local mechanic that can help me, Mark Hutto, who does fantastic 2002 work.
  2. Dave - do you mind me asking which LED conversion you went with? The metal post with screw that the retaining spring for the driver's side halogen bulb broke when replacing the bulbs (it's old, I guess). So, the way I see it, I have to find a new H4 housing unit, replace the whole thing, or bite the bullet and convert to LED at this time. I've been looking around, and this conversion looks pretty good: https://www.headlightexperts.com/catalog/product/view/id/503/s/h6024-dual-beam-sealed-beam-led-headlight-conversion-kit/category/2/ Peder
  3. Happy Sunday. I have a restored '71 2002, and my passenger headlight is kaput. Digging in there, I found out that I have OSRAM 64193 German 55/60W H4 037R bulbs (https://www.osram.com/am/ecat/OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE-Halogen headlight lamps-Cars-Automotive Lighting/com/en/GPS01_1057023/PP_EUROPE_Europe_eCat/ZMP_61180/). They've worked well, but there's no place that sells them locally. Anyone know if I can just go to my local parts store and get any 12V 55/60W Halogen bulb instead, such as 9003 (https://www.autozone.com/collision-body-parts-and-hardware/headlight/silverstar-headlight/412573_0)? Thanks for your help in advance, Peder (super newbie)
  4. pederhorner


  5. Ben just got back to me a few days ago, sorry for the delay: His reply: "We installed seat heaters from Autoloc in your car. You can find them at www.autoloc.com to buy more" They've been awesome.
  6. Great Steve. I just emailed Ben at 2002AD today in fact before I saw your message! He restored my car in 2011, but this apparently wasn't on the long list of things he replaced. Ha!
  7. Ben from 2002AD did a fantastic job of installing seat heaters in mine a couple years ago, and they're absolutely amazing in the winter. I'm unsure of the exact brand/model of heater, but I could ask him if you want. If you use yours as much as I do in the cold Colorado winters, you'll never regret the upgrade. Here's a shot of both the reupholstered Recaros as well as the controls mounted on the under steering column cover:
  8. Thank you everyone, John, for the detailed information. I really appreciate the help and your patience.
  9. I apologize for asking what must appear as a silly question, but what is this thing (hanging down in the photos below) that covers all the electrical giblets under the steering column called? Mine has become unusable due to wear and tear at the points of securement. Is there a part number or better way I can search for one to buy (either gently used or new)? Thanks in advance, Peder
  10. Thanks fellas. I assume this might be a good time to replace the light bulbs too (overall, it looks dim, so I assume at least one has given up the ghost). I've looked for photo tutorial for pulling out the cluster, but I haven't found one yet.
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