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  1. Hello I haven't posted much, but I need some help. I bought a 74 2002 with a bad drive shaft, the guibo went out, and the PO drove from frisco to seattle, needless to say the driveshaft and the output shaft flange(3 bolt) are shot. I have another driveshaft, and a output shaft flange(4 bolt) that I can install. Are these parts interchangable, will the output shaft flange fit the trans? Both cars are later cars so they have the short style Diffs. One last thing what size is the nut that holds the outshaft flange in place. Thanks
  2. I saw some Alpina wheels on Ebay that are 16/7 and 16/8 is there any way these would fit a 2002 with a turbo flare kit? They have the same bolt pattern. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=020&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=300048256706&rd=1,1
  3. hey Andrew is right, if COOP says he does not make a profit oh well, we thank the guy for his efforts. But it seems to me from his postings that he does make a profit one way or another, be it monetary or from free products, HE is making a profit. So give Andrew a break from pointing out the obvious. Cristian
  4. I guess anything is possible, Now that Ive thought about it, the transaxle would be the only real challenge. Am pretty much by the book, but given the right circumstances it could probably work. Best regards
  5. Being a Porsche tech I have to say that is the most bizarre idea I have heard. Not only is the 944 transaxle heavier but how do you suppose you would run the torque tube and the clutch setup. I would be willing to bet that the good people at PORSCHE designed the car around the driveline. If BMW had wanted to do what you propose they would have built a 944.
  6. DNTL911

    Weber 32/36

    Weber 32/36 for sale, brand new. Will take any offers.
  7. Take that black collar off the c/v joint and slip the rubber boot and the collar it is attached to to the c.v. Get it as far down on the c.v as you can, the bolts will sinch it tight when you attach it to stub axle.
  8. Does anyone have a hard time logging on to the forum. Friday night I gave up trying and tonight it would not log me on on for about 2 hours. Cristian
  9. Just wanted to know what the function of the flares on the turbo were. Were they purely aesthetic or more for function? Are the wheels on the turbo that much wider or is the offset just different? Just wondering? Cristian Edmonds WA
  10. From my experience working on Porsche's i found that Dow Corning 111 would do the trick. I used DC 111 to put engines together, the stuff is super durable and does not melt when it comes into contact with hot oil, Very sticky. Cristian
  11. I drove from Edmonds to Portland this morning, I shot a few pictures. Enjoy. Cristian http://picasaweb.google.com/DNTL911/PNW2002Portland?authkey=z7hgpjAGBzgpIShb5RzdXGwD0I0
  12. Just wanted to know how all the people in CA that own 76 2002s are getting them smogged. The reason for my question is that I presently live in WA, and am picking up a 76 tomorrow that I was going to buy. I plan to go back to CA by next sept. and I dont know if I want to deal with all the smog issues. Any answers would be great. Cristian SIlver 76 2002
  13. sounds like the timing is too far advanced??? Cristian 76 2002 Silver
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