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  1. I am thinking about purchasing two of these. One for my tii and one for my dad's 72 carbed model. Shoot me a message when you can.
  2. I have an engine still making great power from a 74 tii. I have included a few images but can take more. The engine will need a few ancillary parts including a cold start valve, a tuna can with innards, a fan blade and an alternator. I'm certain there are other things that I have not thought of but those are the biggies. Running well when pulled (I have witnesses and a short video.) When sitting for a while, this engine would burn a bit of oil upon start up. It cleared pretty quickly but was necessary to mention. Let me know if you have any questions. Engine is located in Santa Rosa, CA $3000
  3. I just pulled my 74 tii engine here in the SF bay area. You are a long way from me but it is still a pretty great motor. Fuel injection comes with. You'll need an alternator, a cold start injector and some other ancillaries but it is ready to install for the most part. Let me know if a tii engine across the country might interest you. I'm trying to figure out pricing. Matthew
  4. I figured it had to have been but knew you weren't from the area. That was a long drive for breakfast!
  5. Who was that?!? I was eating breakfast there Sunday morning with my buddy and I saw the car when I came out to the parking lot. But I didn't see anyone I recognized inside. Seems like you'd be someone I know... Hope you are planning on being at the '02 Swap And Show this year! Matthew
  6. Incredible... http://v12.auto123.com/en/2012/12/this-has-to-be-one-of-the-most-epic-automotive-fail-of-the-year/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogauto123+%28V12+-+The+supercharged+video+blog%29
  7. I did a search and didn't find that this video had been posted but it's fantastic! Sorry if it is indeed a repost. Enjoy! Matthew
  8. I'd be interested in a couple, also. I know it's an old thread but thought I'd try! Matthew
  9. I'm selling it for a friend. You can private message me or email me at rxringerATgmailDOTcom. I'll give you the phone number there. thanks! Matthew
  10. This is a beautiful, low-mileage, single-owner E46 M3 located in Santa Rosa, CA. It has been well maintained at both the dealership and a local independent shop. I have records for maintenance performed. The connecting rod bearing was taken care of under warranty after 8800 miles. Rear trailing arm bushings done 10,000 mi ago. This car has heated front seats, xenon headlights, Harman/Kardon premium sound and the M 19 inch wheels. Dynamic Stability Control and the M Differential Lock were standard on all E46 M3s. The exterior of the cloth top is in excellent condition. With a mere 56,000 miles, this car is still so tight and fun it is remarkable. No track days. Let me know if you have any questions or need more pictures. Thanks!
  11. This seat is STILL available!!! Please take it! Matthew
  12. I have 2 cerwin vega free-air 8's (NLA I think) and 2 Infinity Kappa 5.25. All 4 on the rear package shelf. Then I have 2 Infinity Kappa 5.25 up front as well. A Pioneer head unit (always happy with Pioneer), a small capacitor under the rear seat with 2 Alpine amps. A 75x4 and a 300x2. It's loud AND accurate....And clean. Sean Casey rules. Now if only he would call me back.... Matthew
  13. That's funny, I didn't know Costa Rica was know for it's tire manufacturing process whereas Japan makes tires that aren't even round?!?!? I thought Japan had manufacturing quality products on lock down. And Sumitomo is Korean IIRC.... Matthew
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