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  1. Interested in Lights, clear 7" please contact me thanks Pete 7602

    how do the insides look, where the 

    bulbs go

    how much total to 


    thanks Pete7602

  3. do you have a Tas Oak Burl Left? will send to paypal tomorrow. tks
  4. Still no response, what's up? Pete 7602
  5. Bummed you have not replied, waiting
  6. 02 Tradition Please call me 3867931721 I will take this springs do not know how to get hold of you. thanks Pete7602 owned since new
  7. are any of the emblems raised letter trunk emblem? pls provide pic thanks Pete
  8. Looking for the throttle rod that goes from firewall to carb tks Pete
  9. I am interested pls contact 3867931721 pete How much?
  10. I am interested pls contact 3867931721 pete
  11. pete7602


    are valve covers still available? thanks Pete7602
  12. are these still for sale? thanks pete7602

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