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  1. Yep and yep! Already got platinum so that i wont need it 😂. I shouldn’t say this but i havent needed a spare tire yet 😜
  2. Over the last few weeks Ive been driving Meintii everyday! As of today Ive put about 450 miles on her. Im trying to drive as much as possible to prepare for a cannonball run style rally/race Im participating in GA in 2 WEEKS! Im driving there, 1000 Miles each way, PLUS the race which is about 400 miles, PLUS driving around after the race at the beach! Should be an epic trip, however I am feeling the pressure to get the car ready in time. Attached pictures show - My 3d-printed center console face, covered in brushed metallic vinyl. I shortened my handbrake by 4"s to allow for my custom center console made by @esty to fit without clearance issues. I should be installing that soon! More interior work continues with sounds insulation installed on both doors, along with the door panels installed as well. Hopefully carpet will go in this weekend along with the passenger seat! Pictured - Comparison shot of old tii rear bar and the IE bar I installed last night. Biiiiig difference! I already had the BIG IE bar up front, car feels waaaay better with both on now Im still having cooling system woahs, the cap on my plastic coolant reservoir continues to leak when the car is hot - Ive replaced the cap and the RES with new bmw parts, they still leak. Im over it, bought a JOES racing reservoir and a couple different PSI caps, that should solve my issue, plus it will look real racey This week/end plans are to install carpet, passenger seat, finish wire looming under dash, mount console face in console if its arrived. Change coolant reservoir, verify issue is gone. Possibly change rear subframe/trailer arm bushings to urethane. Hammer out dent in fuel tank to regain proper pick up and fuel range for road trip/race. Finish wrapping turbo spoiler, trim fender flares and mount it! Stay tuned folks! Im trying to get back in the habbit of taking more pictures
  3. Exciting new everyone! This is baby is driving!! I haven't been posting or taking tons of pictures throughout the process but I do have a handful to post. Car progress Drives! Engine bay is 95% done. Car drives well, is probably a bit too loud. Will be adding two long bullet style resonators to quiet her down. Apparently my enormous radiator is too big for fall Texas weather (mid 80's). After blocking 75% of the radiator I've managed to get it up to 160ish. I will do a more thorough blocking soon that will be removable, also verifying the thermostat is in the proper direction/working. Car is 50% vinyl wrapped, see pics for the transformation from primer to wrap! Wiring is done other than looming! Interior needs to be fully assembled, just a drivers seat in for now. Still need to install and wrap the turbo spoiler for the front, didn't want to put it on until I was more comfortable that I wouldn't need a tow. I'll post many pictures! It's been 6 years since I've driven the car, was a very special moment to drive it to work on my 27th bday, for the first time. 13 years after getting the car for my 14th bday. Truly special. Thanks to Jim Gerock, MLytle, Harry Bonkosky, Jason ( and Karie ) Gibson, Harrison Krix, Jeff Chang, BJ(and Mae) Barbieri, Grice Mulligan, Andrew Adams, Steve Blunt and Esty Anderson, along with Ireland engineering, blunttech, koogleworks for supporting me through the years and helping me with the project either through reference material, motivation to get going, or supplying parts to complete her. I really appreciate you guys helping me since the beginning when we first met and hung out at the vintage in 2010, and before that through the FAQ. Cheers to all, and I'll try to post more pictures as I continue to move forward in the next month
  4. Hello FAQ'ers Its been an exciting week as I finally pulled my car out of the body shop to finish getting it driving before the end of June! It is not done with body work yet but is much closer than it was 2 months ago. This is a place holder update for more to come soon. Too busy/tired to do a full update. For now a few pictures of the work i did this weekend. You will find in this post , a custom brake fluid resivoir bracket (the old one broke off), oil temp sensor install/ fab video, oil cooler AN line plumbing, oil pressure sender adapter installed, river nuts on everything to avoid dealing with hardware outside of the engine bay walls, and a picture of how it ended up after the weekend of work. Note! There is alot not pictured that got completed as well
  5. Aaaand just like that im reminded why I never post on forums anymore. Haters gon' hate. Just ignore him Andrew. 🙄
  6. Hey guys, just read back through this blog for old times sake, man what a whirlwind of emotions. If youve havent seen, I've continued this story in a "modern" blog at this link, please check it out and comment to let me know what you think!
  7. Im considering upgrading to a 16" wheel on my tii, but first I'll need to see if there is a market for these - 15x6 OZ alpina style wheels with a nice lip - unlike other alpina style wheels. I got these brand new about 5 years ago and put approx 3k miles on them. They still look great. One wheels has a few small scuffs, the others are nice. They can be sold with or without tire, though the tires that are mounted hold air but will need to be replaced before driving (dry rotting in the treads). %5BURL=http://s177.photobucket.com/user/meintii/media/During%20Restoration/2C9E57DE-68C3-402B-83C4-78423A9F674E_zpsybf6xixx.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w231/meintii/During%20Restoration/2C9E57DE-68C3-402B-83C4-78423A9F674E_zpsybf6xixx.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D https://www.bmw2002faq.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http%3A%2F%2Fi177.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fw231%2Fmeintii%2FOn%20The%20Road%20Agian%2FIMG_2183.jpg&key=2a48602e372ab5a0f0ed6bcc1bb5eec26ea8d965c02e1eae5df8eee171b67abf https://www.bmw2002faq.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http%3A%2F%2Fi177.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fw231%2Fmeintii%2FOn%20The%20Road%20Agian%2FIMG_2269.jpg&key=2806fdd1ba426808d8fdd5bfbe21e698b5b19313f4f4a766b46e8197c562e302 Asking $750 + shipping from Austin Tx 78724, seems like shipping will be around $200 if going to far east or west coast. If I get some bites I just may be able to get my new wheels! Message me here or email me @ meintii@gmail.com The wheels need a proper cleaning, they were just given a quick wipe down for these pictures.
  8. did you ever find the wheels your looking for?
  9. Now that I've laid most of the ground work out for the car to be running and driving, it was time to go to the body shop. I can't have a car that's all f’d up after putting this much time/money into it. The major issues to resolve are the rear quarter damage, filling the huge gaps from (jason rose) doing a horrible and careless job cutting the rear wheel wells for the turbo flares, painting the engine bay/nose, fixing misc scratches/ dents /rust bubbles etc. Hopefully it will be done in a month (early april ‘17). Until then I'll be continuing the interior refurb and some other misc projects I have around.
  10. For anyone wondering I've got about $600 in material alone for this exhaust build
  11. This was quite the project. I've never build an exhaust system before so the challenge was a steep one. A quick note: Why didn't I just run a “Y pipe” and run a single pipe all the way back. Yes it would be easier, cheaper, and more compact. Ill counter your question with another - Why are there no performance exhausts for sale for any I6 or v8 BMW that utilize a single pipe? The answer (in my opinion) Is that #1, I6 motors sound like POOP with a single pipe, like, really bad. #2 There is also the efficiency of the motor to take into consideration. Clearly BMW as designed and the aftermarket has maintained that two pipes are better than one for performance. So why mess it up? Rant over on that front, on to the fun stuff Here's my pile of pre-ordered guess at what I would need to make this a reality. Summitracing.com and siliconintakes.com were my vendors of choice… along with a few random ebay add ons in there (v-bands). 100% stainless including the mig wire used to weld everything, and boy is that fun to deal with - as you can tell by my crappy welds. Didnt end up using the x-pipe.. still considering adding it later though. The first and possibly most annoying task was to make two flanges that mate up to the stock manifolds I'll be using. For this task I sources some ⅜” thick stainless plate from our local metal supplier. I proceeded to use a stock exhaust gasket as a template for what i was creating. After about 4 hours and a lot of cussing I had my flanges. This task would have been impossible without a mill that could turn as slow as 80 RPM. After the flanges were done, I started the process of building the downpipes. I've had issues in the past with long tube headers snapping off at the collector, so I added a small flex pipe to each tube in that area to help everything be happy. Added a mount to the trans bracket after notching it ( this will be changed slightly, i'll mount a longer rod across the bottom instead of meeting it against the tube, before the final product is done). Then added a v-band for each pipe just past the trans, staggered for ease of removal, and clearance . Ran the two pipes up into the tunnel and back and over the axle on both sides, adding another v-band on each side before the turn down to get below the cv axles, again for easy removal. Now since this is (was) a tii, the stock external fuel pump hangs out right where I ran the over axle pipe on the passenger side, so that will need to be relocated/replaced when its back on the lift next. At this point it was time to figure out what and where my mufflers and tips were going to be doing in this set up. My boss recommended connecting the mufflers as an assembly with some strapping, then connecting the tips how I wanted them, then connecting the pipes from the car to the muffler/tip combo. So I did! This ended up being quite a complex project, but I eventually figured it out. I also needed to finally cut the rear valance in the center for the dual tips. Funny since Ive had a center exit exhaust on this car since Ive owned it. I also closed up the right side stock exit hole. Although, I knew this wouldn't fit with the spare tire well. So I did what I’ve been meaning to do for years anyway and cut the damn rusty thing out! After that there was PLENTY of room for mufflers! No problem. Now all I had to do was connect the dots. Bing bang boom. Dual exhausts. The downer part about this is I have no idea how it sounds because I had already taken all my other work apart to sand/prime the engine bay to send it to paint as soon as this was done. All to more to look forward too! This car is probably going to be pretty damn loud. Here are the three sections removed so the car can go to paint, and I can finish welding a few tubes that are still just tacked. Will still need to make some hangers for the rear but that shouldnt be too hard.
  12. This was kind of a last minute decision. The paint job done every other time I've attempted to do it has been shit in the engine bay. Despite all the time and effort spent the last time it got painted it got left outside and flash rusted under the paint causing a very very rough finish before it cured fully (thanks jason rose). So knowing that the engine is all pretty and all the other stuff under the hood will be so nice looking, I couldn't not try and fix it again. I proceeded to sand every surface in the nose and engine bay down until it was smooth to a 400 grit level. I proceeded to prime it all so all that left for my paint guy to do is scuff it and paint the shiny part. I will hopefully be painting the underside of the hood as well, but we will see if my paint budget will stretch that far.
  13. Problem solving at its best! There are lots of options to buy adapters to run a standard round style air filter directly from the MAF. However, they all point the air filter straight from the MAF. I thought, well, it would be much nicer if I could point the air filter at an angle toward the headlight away from the rad hoses. So what else did I do but design it up in solidworks and print an elbow that mounts to the MAF that puts the filter EXACTLY where I wanted it. No silicon couplers, no bull shit. Just an ABS solution to the problem. Here we have the first attempt print, turned out pretty good. I tweaked the angle a bit to make it land a little further from the inner fender on the final product below. This one was "vapor smoothed" for a smooth finish that it also water tight and stronger than the first "prototype" print. I also made it a few thousandths thicker. Its super strong and will withstand the heat of the engine bay no problem.
  14. With this I also decided to go a route that I haven't seen yet. Instead of mounting it with some crazy bracketry on the nose of the car, I decided to mount it in front of the rad, also on the nose with a small piece of aluminum tubing to space it down where I needed it to be. I guess I don't have a picture of it mounted up yet, but it's right behind the center grill, and the AN lines run down through the inside of the nose, along the frame rail and to the oil filter housing. Hopefully the nose is still rigid enough for this and the rad to be attached, we will find out. It feels reasonably rigid still. I actually changed how this attached to the cooler than pictured above. I ended up cutting al the mounting tabs off the cooler, and welding this tube to it directly, with rivet nuts on the top, it will just bolt through top of the nose into this with two button head M6 allens. Pics later.
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