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  1. Greetings All! I have some 02 Parts for sale from my 1970. Prices are negotiable and DO NOT include shipping. Not looking to get rich and the proceeds will go right back into my 2002. PM with your offer and zip code. Thanks! US Rear Bumper Overriders - $30 (Pair) US Front Bumper - Early $175 Center trim between roundie lights x2 - $30 ea Distributor Housing - $250 BBS (E30 Center Caps) x4 - $8 ea Hella Rectangular Fog Lamps - $30 (pair) EURO Front Bumperettes - Early $75 (Pair) Water neck - $20 - SOLD Non-Ti Brake Booster - $60 - SOLD Gauge cluster for center console (no Gauges) - $10 - SOLD US Rear Bumper - Early - SOLD Battery tray - Blasted and primed - $70 - SOLD Also, I have a complete belt trim set. They need to be polished and many pieces are in great shape with no dings. Will sell as a set or individually. (Can send pics on request).
  2. Hi Harry, I am interested as well. Shipping to 30064. Please PM with payment instructions. Thanks!
  3. rjfischerjr


    Undergoing restoration. My car will be an Alpina homage with lots of original Alpina parts collected over the past 10 years.
  4. In my case, I replied to the post AND directly to the seller and still got screwed. I mostly stick to eBay and local groups on FB now.
  5. I am right there with you! Several months ago, a guy was selling a Nardi wheel for a great price and listed it late at night. I happened to be up and responded maybe 30 seconds later that I wanted it and just needed to know where to Paypal the money. No reply for a day and a half. Then he emails me after I asked a few times, to tell me it's sold. I was PISSED. Some people suck. Others on here are great.
  6. Hi Austin. I PMd you on this last night at 9:30pm. Thanks!
  7. I have several parts for sale. Email me with your Zip so I can calculate shipping. Backing Plates - $40 pair Battery Tray - $45 Non-Tii Brake Booster - $75 Non-Tii Distributor - $60 Stock Manifold Cover (New) - $20 Valve Cover - $60 Water Neck - $25 Weber 32/36 and Manifold - $175 I accept PayPal. Thanks!
  8. Can you please quote me the same to 30064? My battery is also already in the trunk. Thanks!
  9. Amen to that! Go sell your shit on eBay! This is a forum for BMW 02 Parts!
  10. I have a set of snorkels I'm looking to sell. Email me if interested. rjfischerjr at mac dot com
  11. I saw that one but I was hoping for something without any corrosion. It's still in better shape than mine. Would you take $30 plus shipping? Thanks!
  12. Do you have a 6-Fuse fusebox for sale? If so, how much? Not sure what year BMW switched to 12-fuse. Shipping to 30064. Thanks, Richard
  13. Ditto on that question. I'm interested in the Alpina badge and the euro license plate lights but get regularly annoyed with eBay and prefer to deal direct if that's possible, or at least have the Buy-it-Now option.

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