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  1. Selling the following parts from a 74 Tii motor. The system was fully functional prior to removal and the only reason they were taken off was I switched to DCOE sidedrafts and my car isn't a Tii. 1. Kugelfischer pump 2. Aluminum intake runners 3. Tii water pump 4. Tii valve cover 5. Tii chain cover 6. Tii Throttlebody with Tuna can 7. Tii injectors with fuel lines 8. Tii oil filter housing 9. Tii water line 10. Misc nuts and bolts Asking $1,200.00 (local pickup) or plus $150 shipping with 48 states.
  2. Price:: 1.00 Location: : San Bruno, CA I have a nice Tii fuel injection system removed from my running 74 Tii motor. Absolutely nothing wrong with it I just switched to sidedrafts for personal reasons. You get the K-fisher pump, aluminum intake runners, throttle body, Tii valve cover, Tii timing chain cover and plastic fuel lines. I'm looking to trade these for a nice set of BBS RS 001 4x100 15x6 or 15x7 gold or silver with or without tires. Sorry no pictures at this time as its hard to take the parts out of the storage. Parts were cleaned and kept dry in storage.
  3. Looking for one or more Kinesis wheel cap shown in the pic. Unfinished or not and the tabs doesn't have to be intact either. Must be Bimmer specific. Thanks
  4. Do not get the cheap URO's. Spend a little more and be happy later.
  5. 8 prong Hazard Switch. I actually need a 6 prong so its up for sale or straight trade (6 prong). $35 shipped to 48 states.
  6. Let me know if you do. Your effort is greatly appreciated. Joey
  7. Lost one of the caps for my Kinesis K27 again. No one seem to carry them anymore. Just checking if any FAQers have one laying around. Its a 60mm size cap. Thanks
  8. UACC in Burlingame did a good job with my car. Swing by their shop and see the nice vintage projects they have.
  9. Problem solved !!! Thanks again everyone....
  10. After looking at my ITG air filter base plate, it looks like there is nothing drilled to accommodate the float vent in front of the carbs. This is something to do while car sits in the stable during the rainy season. Looks like it'll solve the problem. Thanks for the immediate response fellows. Merry Christmas to all and may you have a prosperous New Year.
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