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  1. Rain? Im in SoCal...what is this rain you speak of?
  2. LOL...OK guys thanks for helping me spend my money...lol. LSD it is.
  3. its a daily...I put alot of miles on it...but I also am not opposed to a bit of a thrashing in the canyons...I do plan on doing a few track days in 2021.
  4. OK...my car is a daily driver and the build sheet is LONG...its a restomod with a built engine, lowered suspension, 15" BBS wheels, exhaust, interior, 5 speed...etc....My diff was replaced with a rebuilt unit that leaked immediately. So the shop said bring it back and they would swap it out with another rebuilt 3.64 unit. I like the 3.64 gears because I also road trip it and I like that combo with the 5 speed for road trips. The shop said since I am swapping the diff, if I wanted the 3.64 LSD just pay the difference. So it would look great on my build sheet, but will I notice it? I keep going back and forth on doing the LSD or the open diff.
  5. Not what I have been told by a number of 02 Engine Builders and racers.... I have been told that a 38/38 can make more power than Dual DCOE 40s. Not sure how 1 DCOE 40 or 1 DCOE 45 will make more power. To the original poster...it all depends on the engine...I had a 38 on a stock motor and it was fun...even more fun on a engine with bigger positions, higher compression and a 292 cam.
  6. Thats gorgeous...but not where I wanna go for this car....now a coupe? Maybe...haha...Wondering if there are some lower priced alternatives out there.
  7. i should have text u directly. I should have known u would point me in the right direction.
  8. Looking for this type of leather/vinyl weave fabric for my recaro rebuild. Wondering if someone he any suggestions on where to start looking.
  9. I saw this....Should be plug and play right?
  10. So i have a car stereo amp and electric fan connected directly to the battery in addition to the standard 02 stuff. Its looking ratty. So i wanna clean it ip from a visual standpoint as well as a functional one. So i was thinking of one of 2 options, a batter terminal with multiple wire ports or running one wire to a distribution block and feeding all my stuff from there. Any way better than another? so something like this vs this or is there a better way than both of those?
  11. Got a cracked headlight. Well actually a hole in it. Existing lighting isnt by any means stellar so anything decent will be an improvement. What are some good light options? I was gonna do the easy thing and grab the Hella 7” H4 kit from ireland. https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/hella-7-headlight-conversion-kit-2002/ i was also gonna do the relay upgrade as well. Just checking to see if there is anything out there thats a better value or better performing option at a reasonable price. Thanks!
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