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  1. Any reason a 1972 instrument cluster would not fit/work in a 1975 2002?
  2. Thanks. I will try and, hopefully, not need to post a follow-up question on replacing a windshield.
  3. Does anyone have a link to rear view mirror install? (a '75 2002). The mirror-- along with the arm connecting it to the roof liner--fell out while I was adjusting it. Not sure how to reinsert the arm into the roof liner slot. Do you simply pop the base of the arm back in, or does the coil need to be detached first? I'm guessing this operation should take 5 seconds, but … Thanks.
  4. I put a new battery in my car. The car starts wonderfully now. Then quits after about 5 seconds. I need to rev engine for about 1-2 minutes for the engine to stay on/to be able to drive the car. Any idea what's going on? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I hope either of these factors offer more in the way of a clue: Carb is a Weber 32/36. The car idles at 850 at startup and climbs to 1200 while driving.
  6. My '75 2002 is probably worth less than the cost of a good paint job (estimates of $4000-5000 at body shops), but desperately needs repainting. Any thoughts on getting it done at a cheaper paint place? Things to look out for? Extra credit for a recommendation of a venue in Birmingham, AL. Thanks.
  7. Despite tuneup, new spark plugs and repeatedly adjusting points, car is idling at 1200, or at least 250RPM more than desired. Any thoughts?
  8. Mike, thanks for the fantastic answer. Will do.
  9. o2tom, you're guess is exactly right. Thanks for giving a better answer than the question merited.
  10. Had two new cylinders put into stick of '75 2002. It seemed to be shifting wonderfully. During a tuneup, my local BMW specialist said it was missing two mounts though, $6 parts (not sure how he could tell). He has about a 2-month wait to replace them. So my questions are: 1. How big a deal is this? Will the car explode without them, etc? 2. Can I remedy it myself? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all of these responses. There is no discernible rust on the nubs; evidently the pedal has had too much use. I hadn't considered it might be that simple.
  12. Either the two prongs on the floor that anchor the accelerator have worn away, or the clip behind the pedal has lost a part--I never inspected the pedal until it started slipping off. What do I need to get and/or do? Thanks.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for general directions for an upper speedometer cable install. 1975 2002 standard. I am also looking for an idea of the degree of difficulty for this. If it's high, I'll hand over to the shop, in which case, how much time would you expect the job would require? Thanks.
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