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  1. here is a M3 in matte orange..or Colorado? http://ilpvideo.com/video.php?v=MzU5OTY
  2. Armond


    and who takes ownership of the 5000 miles? your point is what exactly?
  3. I would pick an 02 over the 63 corvette. I think it's ugly. Seriously? 63 split window vette is a fantastic car. yup. Serious. really not into muscle cars but i like the 58 Vette Roadster.
  4. I know a guy named Mark who does that kind of work.
  5. excellent trustworthy seller. FWIW
  6. how about paying a tax for every mile you drive?? Drivers would likely have to install GPS trackers on their cars to tally travel. http://autos.aol.com/article/california-proposes-tax-on-driving/ oh boy.. seems like its been brewing for sometime now http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/01/28/geddes.sotu.obama.infrastructure/index.html soon we'll be pedaling bicycles like the people in communist China
  7. BAH! person who buys that rusty car should buy this http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,374869/ swap the vin while he/she restores it and BAM..you've got a restored "Turbo" within a week. Genuine Turbo Parts on the Tribute is worth 20K at the least. Plus you get a rebuilt turbo Engine with it. Hey Mark, You should just buy the rust bucket,pull your sale and do it yourself. then Clay can beat your ass for selling the Car for 70K in five years.
  8. this is the smartest thing you've said for a long time. The buyer of that rusty turbo should buy your car,swap the vin and boom..you've got yourself a turbo with 100% genuine Turbo Parts. time to increase your escort fee.
  9. Well. Not quite.. I paid Larry Ayers 35 bucks to get them dismounted from the rims He sold.Tires were never mounted while I've Owned it. Plenty of tread left. Cant use them anymore and its taking up space. Yours for how much I got them for. GONE
  10. LOL..didn't I tell you to stop after three beers??? you and JP on a date again? LMAO.. Obtw..I restored that 25 dollar Yakima rack I bought from you for fitty. You can have it back for 100. Oh wait..it's too nice for mad max. Nevermind.
  11. It was pulled from another 02 so I really cannot confirm if it came from an e21. Could also be the rare factory option. I can look at any markings if you tell me what to look for.
  12. This is a spare I've been holding on to hoping to use it someday.been happy with the 3.91 so i dont need this any longer. Shafts spin freely and smoothly but condition installed is unknown. 450 plus shipping. Sold as is. Thank you.
  13. Up for sale is my Crane XR3000. Been stored in plastic since i decided to go distributorless. Crane was mounted inside the glove box and working trouble free when removed. ###SOLD###
  14. Add to that the rotational forces that accumulate with the wheels/tires/rotors { F = ma }, and anyone with high school physics can see why it's so important to reduce the mass of these componants as much as economically possible to get a great handling car. I also wondered about the tow hook welded on Marks fender. thanks for the Tip Mark..(conktichen)
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