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  1. looks great! Nice looking motor, that should last a life time. Scott
  2. Someone will be getting a car that's had a lot of work done to it. very fair asking price too.
  3. Hi Heather, your request to join our fb page was approved this morning. That would definitely be a great place to start. Scott Sislane
  4. Hi Bart, You'd be best off joining our fb page https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmw2002us/?ref=share As for the radiator, there's really no reason to get a special radiator, IMHP. The stock radiator if freshly re-cored, is great. If that doesn't work, I'd guess your issue is elsewhere. Have you completely flushed the block & head? Then refilled & burped? Water pump replaced? Scott Sislane
  5. I've had several different pertronix (or other brands) in different cars, and never an issue and never a worry. I'm sure they can fail, but I've never seen one fail, personally. I think most failures are self inflicted. Rob Siegel has a nice write up here, basically saying the same thing https://www.hagerty.com/media/maintenance-and-tech/ignition-debate-points-vs-pertronix/ Scott
  6. This is the wire on my 76 Scott
  7. Steve sells a different set of brackets. Eric Anton's has square 'tubes' front & rear. I have his and they fit great, couldn't be happier. If you need the brackets, email Eric Anton. He's great to deal with. Eric Anton <[email protected]> Scott
  8. Today I installed the real wood veneer fascia that came with the euro speedo & got a few years ago. The veneer is super thin and doesn't leave much room for refinishing, but I'm happy with it. Scott
  9. are you saying they came with the mounting brackets? I used the square tube brackets that Eric Anton makes and they fit perfectly in both front and rear.
  10. Excellent! thanks for the update & glad you still have it. Your other 02 looks very nice as well. Scott Sislane
  11. I was wondering the same, if he still has it. Planning to DD it, possibly not. And yes, far from original anything but great find.
  12. I guess I found it interesting that mike472 did not appear to have realized the motor had been modified... (8 year old post, I know) Scott
  13. I think mine was CA. (My original motor is sitting in my shed.) It looks like his piston is mark 89.47, 2nd over bore?
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