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  1. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/pts/2079436832.html
  2. spray some starter fluid or carb cleaner down the carb and see if it fires, if it does sparks pretty good if not then check out the ignition system, fouled plugs, bad points etc
  3. id reccomend sanding the paint off the teeth of the trigger wheel, i painted mine and it cause some problems for me, may not be all of your problem but id do it anyways
  4. if your just looking for a barb to pipe thread fitting you can use standard 5/16" barb fittings ( 5/16 is only ~.003" smaller than 8mm) which you can usualy find brass ones at your local hardware store
  5. http://www.megamanual.com/v22manual/mtune.htm http://www.msextra.com/manuals/MS_Extra_Manual_Index.htm both contain all the info you need, read them a few times while going through your settings and setting everything accordingly, its going to take a bit of learning, make sure you configure it for the edis because the settings are important for everything
  6. you realy need to go through and check all your settings you have quite a few that are way off, such as tps, clt, , your rpm signal isnt there either, have you read the megamanual for configuring the megasquirt?
  7. what are the conditions for the driving test? your going to have to lean out the carb on what ever circuit is being used during that test...cd will probably chime in and give you some advice
  8. they fit perfect but you need the little top that treads onto the top of the plug
  9. i replaced with lowering springs so im not sure how the stockers would go back in there
  10. try at your own risk but ive dissasembled struts still on the car by puting the car up on jack stands then puting the jack under the ball joint put a bit of tension on the spring and then undo the upper nut and SLOWLY let the jack down
  11. you could use prob use a grease gun hose there rated for a few thousand psi and good for oil there not braided stainless though they got em at most parts stores
  12. so is the overall travel of the pedal longer with the ti pedal? im thinkin this mite be a good option to slow my quick itb linkage
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