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  1. Thanks I sent them an email, but as the car is still in Costa Rica we'll see what they say.
  2. I got the dash on Ebay from a US version.
  3. It's about 2000 miles, 6 border crossings, some of which are not very nice. How about I give you $4500, the car and my first born son? You must really think hispanics will bend over backwards for a buck huh?
  4. To sell it on Ebay you have to be in the US or a country with an Ebay website and to do that I need to spend money. You have an 02, what do you think is a fair price.
  5. Hello everyone, I've had my 02 Touring for about 9 years now but due to health reasons I need to sell it. Me (and the car) are in Costa Rica (Central America) but I might drive it up to Texas. Here are some specs: VIN: 3461978 Manufactured January 10th, 1974 Original color: Inca Orange The car is sold as shown with a spare front euro bumper, 2 spare Touring roundies (complete), 1 spare set of touring windows (front, back, sides, etc. ), Zender front spoiler fiberglass copy. • E21 5 speed overdrive transmision • Alpina 13x6 wheels • new Sumitomo 185/60/R13 tires • Weber 32/36 DGAV Engine overhauled less than 10K KMs ago, standard bearing crankshaft, overbored to 90.2mm with Max Sil Pistons. Everything replaced except for crankshaft, camshaft and piston rods. What do you think is a fair asking price?
  6. My lights kept blinking on and off because of faulty grounding so we remade the whole system, chose a decent ground and internally, the light bulbs and all parts were changed to a more reliable "modern" system. But I did have the original bumper holes with the plastic lenses.
  7. Well let me find out the cost from Costa Rica to Miami; from Miami to KY its your deal, just doesn't have an AC. http://youtu.be/gS574VVvD48 It'll run fine throughout the rev range, no overheating issues. Due to my illness I no longer drive it that hard on the track but hard enough to piss off a couple of E30 drivers.[/code]
  8. I could probably get more for the touring roundies if I sold them separately but they sell with the car as touring specific parts have been a concern of potential buyers so far.
  9. http://costarica.es.craigslist.org/cto/3170219561.html I'm selling it with a full set of touring windows, 2 complete touring roundies, 2 euro turn signals, original touring tool holder, bag cover, etc. Has an E21 5 speed overdrive tranny, a Weber 32/36 and a 4.10=1 diff. Tires are new Sumitomo 185/60R13, recently overhauled with 1.2 mm oversize pistons. Let me know if you want more pics. Selling due to illness.
  10. No man, Nicaragua is a good 6-8 hours away and well crossing that border in particular is not that easy since our diplomatic relationship ain't that great mostly due to border disputes. Also the car probably doesn't run so it would be an expensive tow, there's lots of 02s here in San Jose, Costa Rica, lots of tourings too since the german versions were sold here instead; actually US versions are rare or they came into the country later as personal imports. Most people I know that have US spec 02s or E21 try to un-americanize them ASAP and arer always looking for Euro spec bumpers.
  11. Thanks, its custom though. My 02 was in a heavy front collision and instead of buying new grills the bodyshop guy said he could rebuild the grills if I brought him some E21 grills, he extracted the inner circles and implanted them in the 02 grills using a soldering iron. The yellow lights are Bosch fog lights while the standard are H4's like everyone elses', makes it look like an E28 front.
  12. Well yeah $4-7 plus shipping to my freight forwarder in Miami, plus international shipping to Costa Rica, plus customs tax which is at least 20% of the sales price plus the 2 shipping fees together. You guys have it easy. Again can I use an E30 one on an E21 tranny?
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