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  1. Lowered the price.New price is $395
  2. Selling my Rare Vintage Momo Motorsport Steering Wheel.Very similar to Factory BMW Motorsport Steering Wheels that I also own.Black with Red Stitching.I think it is 360 MM .Will fit 2002 and CS coupe models. Will also fit many other cars with a different Momo Hub. Excellent Condition $475.Please PM if interested
  3. Bought this years ago for my collection.Decided to put it out there if someone can use it.Really in good condition for its age. Black Wheel rim very nice Condition.Chrome Horn Ring is in Excellent Condition. Black Vinyl on top of horn button is peeling, but can be recovered.Will include a piece of new Black German Vinyl to have this done. No Cracks in BMW Roundel.PM if interested. Located in Monterey Calif
  4. Dave Brisbane Calif.Always a large turn out.Here is a link.I also sent you a Pm on Faq. http://www.bayarea02.com/events/swap_show/
  5. Congrats M5280RCR.!! I think that was a great buy!!. Small Bumpered,Sunroof Tii ,Great Color!! I think it was under priced.Good on you for jumping on it.Hope to see it at 02 Event in Brisbane in May
  6. Anyone have the Rear Wood Panels that cover the Spare Tire and Gas Tank on a 74-76 Big Bumpered car? Please Pm with what you might have. Thanks
  7. Any one have a set of Wood Panels that cover Spare Tire and Gas Tank on a Big Bumpered 1974- 1976 2002? Please Pm with what you might have Thanks
  8. Steve Thanks for posting that.There is a 02 Turbo on Ebay that has a picture of Trunk.It has the Mat I had in my Turbo and have seen it in Many Turbos.Here is a link to the car with picture of Trunk http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-Turbo-Sedan-2-Door-/222188723180?forcerrptr=true&hash=item33bb7adbec:g:PZMAAOSwaB5XiaDa&item=222188723180

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